Commercial Rowing Machines


Commercial rowing machines are the ideal choice for any commercial gym, fitness studio, hotel gym or independent gym. Thanks to its low impact on the joints, indoor rowers provide a full-body workout that's suitable for people of all fitness levels.

The rower is the perfect cardio solution for full-body conditioning. You can increase endurance and stamina, burn calories, and exercise almost all your muscles at once.

At Fitshop, we stock a wide selection of market-leading brands to meet every customer's needs. There are many brands to choose from, including Concept2, WaterRower, Life Fitness.

If you plan on your equipment being used regularly and continuously for many hours each day, a commercial-grade warranty is necessary. In contrast to home equipment, commercial rowing machines are made to withstand continuous, heavy usage that can be expected in places such as fitness studios, hotel gyms and commercial gyms.

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