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Be fit for life™

BowFlex is committed to creating machines that get you results as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping you to live a healthier, happier and better life!

SelectTech dumbbells and barbells are some of the most popular adjustable weights on the market, whilst the Max Trainer offers you a full-body workout. Or perhaps you want to take a ride on the C7 Indoor Bike?

Across the range, enjoy tailored workouts, on-demand classes, streaming shows and more!

SelectTech Adjustable weights in one compact system

  • All-in-One

    Tied to a whole rack of weights at the gym? Do the same variety of exercises from home with just one set of adjustable dumbbells.

  • Technology

    Our unique locking mechanism locks in the weights you select and leaves behind those that you don't.

  • Compact Design

    Replace an entire rack of weights with a compact system that fits in the corner of nearly any room.

SelectTech Dumbbell

BowFlex Max Trainer M8 - Make the most of every workout!

Less Time, Max Results

Whether you've got 4 minutes to burn or 30, BowFlex Max Trainer gives you the cardio benefits of a much longer workout in less time.

BowFlex - Category overview (9)
  • BowFlex

    Treadmills (5)

    BowFlex treadmills are perfect for home workouts, offering models like the BXT128 and BXT226. These treadmills come with the JRNY app, giving you personalised workouts and virtual routes. They have strong motors and soft running surfaces for a comfortable run. BowFlex treadmills are built to last and suit all fitness levels, making them a great choice for anyone looking to stay fit at home.

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  • BowFlex

    Exercise Bikes (2)

    BowFlex exercise bikes, like the IC Bike SEi and Velocore 16i, make home workouts smooth and enjoyable. The JRNY app offers personalised workouts and virtual routes to keep things interesting. These bikes are easy to adjust and suitable for all fitness levels. They're sturdy and reliable, helping you stay active and healthy. Perfect for anyone looking to boost their fitness routine.

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  • BowFlex

    Elliptical Cross Trainers (5)

    BowFlex Max Trainers are designed to provide an effective and engaging workout. The Max Trainer series, including models like the M6 and M9, combines the benefits of an elliptical and a stepper. These machines offer high-intensity interval training (HIIT) options, making workouts shorter and more efficient. With features like the JRNY app for personalised coaching and virtual workouts, BowFlex Max Trainers help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

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  • BowFlex

    Steppers (5)

    BowFlex Max Trainers are a standout in the stepper category, offering a unique blend of stepping and elliptical motion. Models like the M6 and M9 provide high-intensity workouts that are both effective and time-efficient. These machines feature adjustable resistance and the JRNY app for customised training and virtual workouts. Max Trainers are compact, perfect for home use, and designed to help you burn calories quickly while building strength. Ideal for anyone looking to boost their fitness routine with versatile, high-quality equipment.

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  • BowFlex

    Multi-Gyms (1)

    BowFlex multi-gyms are perfect for getting a full-body workout at home. With models like the PR1000, you can perform a variety of exercises using power rod resistance, which feels smooth and natural. These machines help you target different muscle groups effectively. BowFlex multi-gyms are ideal for anyone wanting to stay fit and strong with a versatile and convenient home gym solution.

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  • BowFlex

    Dumbbells (3)

    BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells are perfect for home workouts. The 552i and 1090i models let you adjust the weight easily with a simple dial system. These dumbbells replace the need for multiple sets, saving space and keeping your workout area tidy. They're built for smooth, comfortable use, making strength training at home efficient.

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  • BowFlex

    Barbells (1)

    BowFlex SelectTech barbells are a versatile and space-saving solution for strength training at home. The SelectTech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar lets you adjust weights quickly using a dial system, replacing multiple individual bars. This makes it easy to switch between exercises and progress in your training.

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  • BowFlex

    Kettlebells (1)

    BowFlex SelectTech kettlebells are a versatile addition to your home gym. The SelectTech 840 model allows you to easily switch between different weights with a dial, so you don't need multiple kettlebells cluttering your space. They are sturdy and have a comfortable grip.

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  • BowFlex

    Dumbbell Storage Racks (1)

    Keep your home gym organised with BowFlex Dumbbell Storage Racks. Designed for BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells, these racks keep your weights handy and your space tidy. Durable and stylish, they fit perfectly in any home gym.

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