There is no easier way of combining exercise and fun than with a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline is simply fun and attracts even those who are reluctant to exercise outdoors in summer. Besides the entertainment, outdoor trampolines offer another huge advantage: physical activity. Trampolining is a gentle, varied and effective sport. The available trampoline models differ in terms of size and design. Inground trampolines, for instance, can be installed just a few centimetres above the ground, while separate accessories can increase the possibilities offered. Find out more about the differences in our trampoline buying guide below.


It is difficult to think of another piece of fitness equipment that is as popular with both adults and children as trampolines - whether for recreational fun in the garden or for all-round fitness training. A trampoline quite literally puts you in high spirits: with every jump you experience the exhilarating feeling of weightlessness. It's no wonder then that the trampoline has been one of the most popular pieces of sports and play equipment for years now. Many family gardens are equipped with a trampoline. Get yourself your own trampoline and enjoy the many health benefits as well as all the fun of exercising!


✓ Enhanced balance
✓ Stress reduction
✓ Joint friendly form of exercising
✓ Fun way of burning calories
✓ Increased detoxification of the body
✓ Strengthen muscles and bones
✓ Improved oxygen circulation
✓ Improved posture

Trampoline for sale
Trampoline for sale


Children have an innate urge to be active: they naturally crave movement. They run, climb, swing - or jump. Movement is an expression of their zest for life and an important element on the path to healthy and balanced development. Having a trampoline at home creates the space for movement and integrates exercise into everyday life in a playful way. Trampolining is the perfect balance to the school day and promotes concentration - after a lap on the trampoline, homework almost takes care of itself. Children can let off steam all they want on a trampoline. Even the youngest children can have loads of fun. Encourage your child's fitness from an early age with a garden trampoline.


Trampolines or garden trampolines with a spacious jumping surface are a piece of extremely popular play equipment for the outdoor space, and not just for children: adults also love to defy gravity on a trampoline and stay active while out in the fresh air. Trampolines are available in different shapes (round, oval or square) and with different diameters, from approx. 2.50 to 4.30 metres. This means you can find the right model depending on the layout and space available in your garden. The frame and springs of the garden trampoline are made of galvanised steel to protect them from the influence of the weather, such as cold and moisture. The frame padding and jumping mat are UV-resistant so that the colour does not fade in sunlight. An integrated safety net ensures that overly energetic jumps are safely absorbed.


Jumping at ground level
An in-ground trampoline is an alternative to freestanding trampolines and has a number of advantages. It is set up almost at ground level, approx. 20 cm above the ground, and can be installed swiftly. Before you can start jumping, all you need to do is dig a cone-shaped pit and set the in-ground trampoline up on top of it.

It’s hardly noticeable in the garden landscape
As an in-ground trampoline is mostly integrated into the ground, this model is particularly visually appealing. Usually, only the frame is visible so that the trampoline blends harmoniously into the garden. What's more, these models do not necessarily require a safety net, so you have a clear view and hardly notice the trampoline at all.
Trampoline for sale

Another plus: safety
Parents in particular find in-ground trampolines appealing due to their special safety features. Children can easily and quickly get onto the jumping surface and start bouncing without assistance or a ladder. In addition, a safety net is not absolutely necessary as jumping does not take place at great heights.

Trampoline in ground for kids
Little effort and lots of fun
If you decide on an in-ground trampoline for the garden, all you need as an accessory is a suitable cover that will optimally protect your trampoline from the weather. The maintenance is very simple and the in-ground trampoline is stable and safe even in wind and harsh weather without additional anchoring.

Flatground trampoline - the floor trampoline in a class of its own
Another in-ground trampoline worth mentioning is the flatground trampoline, which is completely sunk into the ground. As the frame is also sunk into the dug-out pit, the trampoline is completely levelled with the lawn. As with an in-ground trampoline, the main focus of this trampoline model is on safety and appearance. Salta and BERG offer these models under the names Baseground and FlatGround respectively.


Most trampolines use the following system: a stable frame is connected to the elastic jumping mat via steel springs. But there is also an alternative to this classic structure. Trampolines that create the bounce not with springs, but with flexible fibreglass rods. This results in a different position for the frame. It is located below the jumping surface, so contact with the frame when jumping is impossible. The Springfree trampolines work exactly according to this principle and are a real innovation in the trampoline market.


A trampoline should be safe, have good-quality springs and be as durable as possible - these are the most important factors that you should think about when deciding on a trampoline. When choosing your own trampoline you should ask yourself a few basic questions in advance. What fitness goal would you like to achieve with the trampoline and how often and intensively would you like to train on it? Will the trampoline be used by several people? Consider how much space is available in your garden and whether a freestanding model or in-ground version suits your needs better. But how do you recognise a high-quality trampoline? Pay attention to these criteria when buying a trampoline:

What is important here is the thickest possible material. The higher the trampoline's own weight, the more stable it is. For an outdoor trampoline, the frame – as well as the springs – should also be galvanized which makes them weatherproof.

The number, quality and length of the springs affect the jumping behaviour. Smaller, lighter children jump better on trampolines with fewer and shorter springs. For larger and heavier jumpers (teenagers/adults), longer and larger quantities of springs are ideal because they have a higher rebound and bounce the jumpers higher into the air.
Trampoline in ground

Trampoline with net
Edge padding
Make sure that the edge padding completely covers the springs so that your feet cannot get into the springs when jumping. When it comes to garden trampolines, the thicker the edge cover is, the better, because it serves as cushioning.

Maximum user weight
The maximum user weight specified by the manufacturer should never be exceeded. This is the case, for example, with heavier jumpers, or when two people want to jump on the trampoline at the same time. It's better to have some room when it comes to user weight.

The quality
If you buy cheap, you buy twice - this also applies to the trampoline. An extremely low price usually comes at the expense of quality. Such trampolines are generally poorly made. The bounce quality is not great because low-quality springs are used, the safety net does not close securely or the edge padding does not completely cover the springs. This poses a risk of injury as the feet can get caught between the jumping mat and the edge cover. In addition, experience shows that the first defects with these trampolines appear after a short time. The springs no longer provide enough tension and as the weather resistance of the material decreases - rust quickly appears. So when you buy a trampoline, rely on brand quality and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.
Trampoline for garden

Find the right trampoline size
Outdoor trampolines for your garden are available with diameters between 250cm and 500cm. The right size for you should essentially depend on two factors: firstly, the size of your garden and secondly, the age of the people jumping in it. The larger the diameter of the trampoline, the more fun you will have!

Trampoline fro garden
The trampoline in autumn and winter
Once a trampoline has been set up in the garden, the question arises as to whether it can remain in the garden all year round. Since the frames and springs of trampolines are galvanized, it can be left outside all year round without rusting. Despite the weatherproof components, we recommend keeping the trampoline dry during the cold season. Protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions increases the lifespan of the trampoline and keeps it looking good for longer. If too much snow collects on the jumping mat, the springs can also lose their strength due to the weight. Of course, an in-ground trampoline cannot be easily dismantled; it can instead be covered with a protective cover. Stormy autumn winds can be a safety hazard: a trampoline with a net offers a large attack surface in a storm and can blow away. Some manufacturers offer anchoring sets for the trampoline so that the trampoline can be fixed to the ground.


BERG trampolines stand for the best quality, extraordinary jumping fun and a high level of safety. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your garden, you will find trampolines in different sizes, shapes and colours at BERG. You also have the choice between freestanding and in-ground trampolines. Only high-quality materials are used in production guaranteeing high quality of the trampolines even after years.


With the right accessories, you can equip the trampoline according to your needs.

✓ Safety net - a safety net can be retrofitted to almost all models if it is not already included in the scope of delivery
✓ Ladder - it is also useful for an outdoor trampoline with feet to have a ladder that allows you to safely get on and off the jumping mat
✓ Protective cover - it protects the trampoline from moisture, leaves and twigs and is particularly recommended if the trampoline is near trees
✓ Anchoring set - if you want to keep your trampoline set up in any weather, we recommend the anchoring set. It consists of ground pegs that secure the trampoline in place. This means your trampoline is ideally protected from wind and storms. The anchoring set can be used for freestanding and in-ground trampolines.
Trampoline for adults


Exercising on a fitness trampoline has become a very popular sport in recent years. No wonder, as it has many functional and health benefits. The advantages of a fitness trampoline are, on the one hand, the joint-friendly training and, on the other, the fantastic entertainment factor. Thanks to their small footprint, mini trampolines are ideal for exercising within your own four walls.


Working out on a fitness trampoline is a real fat burner. One hour of trampolining burns up to 1200 calories in a flash. Studies by NASA show that training on a fitness trampoline burns significantly more calories in the same amount of time than running in the forest. Converted, 10 minutes of trampolining is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging. Crazy, isn't it?

Trampoline for exercise


This type of training is suitable for beginners, advanced users and people with joint problems. The gentle swinging and jumping or intensive power workouts significantly increase fat burning. At the same time, muscles and connective tissue are strengthened, the immune system and cardiovascular system are activated, coordination is improved and balance is enhanced. By releasing endorphins (the body's own happiness hormones), the tensions of everyday life and stress are reduced. Fitness trampolines are a healthy mood booster and are gentle on all joints and vertebrae.


✓ independent of the weather
✓ space-saving
✓ easy on the joints
✓ one-off investment
✓ burns up to 1200 kcal/h
✓ strengthens the cardiovascular system
✓ improves coordination
✓ improves physical fitness
✓ prevents osteoporosis
✓ strengthens the deep muscles
✓ puts you in a good mood!
✓ simple & easy to learn
✓ better posture
✓ stress killer
Trampoline to workout


A fitness trampoline should be safe, have good bounce and last as long as possible - these are the most important requirements. But how can you recognise a high-quality trampoline? You should look out for these criteria when buying a fitness trampoline:

Trampoline for exercise
Size of the trampoline
When choosing the diameter of your fitness trampoline, you should first ask yourself what type of training you want to do and how tall the largest user of the trampoline is. For beginners who want to do light swinging, light running or some fitness exercises and are under 180 cm tall, a diameter of 100 cm is sufficient, but a larger diameter is generally more comfortable. A larger diameter offers more comfortable swinging behaviour and greater safety. For taller users or for more intensive training sessions, we recommend a diameter of 120 cm or more.

The height of the tallest user should also be taken into account in the context of the ceiling height. On a mini or fitness trampoline, a jumping height of 10-12 cm is usually not exceeded. With a trampoline height of 30 cm and a ceiling height of 2.4 m, a 1.80 m tall person still has 18 cm of space at the top for a 12 cm jump.

The type of suspension
The suspension of a fitness trampoline is responsible for the bounce behaviour and load capacity. Steel has been used as a suspension material for many years. With this type of suspension, the bounce is usually firm and the resistance is quite high.

Trampolines with a rubber rope suspension system have also gained popularity. The bouncing behaviour is better and more ergonomic, and the resistance is often adjustable. The wear is low and absolutely comparable with the supposedly more robust steel springs.

With the elastic rope suspension, there is a difference between continuous suspension and single rope suspension. The advantage of single-rope suspension is that the degree of firmness can be regulated directly by shortening or lengthening the ropes. Replacement in the event of wear is also quick and easy. Depending on the user or training goals, you can specifically change and adjust the resistance here. This is particularly useful for increasing endurance and strength in order to set new training targets. Even if your body weight changes (e.g. due to successful weight loss), the adjustability of the degree of hardness is a great advantage.
Trampoline rebounder

Trampoline rebounder
Jumping mat on the fitness trampoline
The jumping mat - in conjunction with the suspension - is responsible for the bouncing behaviour and creates the connection between the user and the equipment. Almost all manufacturers use nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene or a combination of these materials for their jumping mats. When buying a jumping mat, you should look out for long warranty periods and the workmanship at the suspension points.

At least 6 legs for a secure footing
The legs of a fitness trampoline should have a distance of between 20 - 25 cm between the jumping mat and the ground, preferably 30 cm. This distance increases the spring range and makes swinging very comfortable and easy on the joints. The quantity of legs should equal 6 or more to ensure maximum stability even under heavy loads.

The most important purchasing factors at a glance
✓ Diameter of at least 100 cm
✓ Choose suspension according to training goal
✓ At least 6 legs for a secure footing
✓ Good quality jumping mat


Freestanding Trampoline
BERG Favorit Regular + Safety Net Comfort

✓ High-quality trampoline for every age
✓ Enhanced safety with 8 times sewn triangular eyes
✓ Easy setup with spring clip click system
✓ Superior bouncing experience with Goldspring solo springs
✓ Includes Safety Net Comfort for added protection
✓ Weather-resistant galvanised frame parts
BERG Favorit Regular + Safety Net Comfort

In-ground Trampoline
BERG Favorit Inground 330 + Safety Net Comfort

✓ Safe and stable InGround design
✓ Large and thick protective edge
✓ Includes Safety Net Comfort
✓ Goldspring solo springs for optimal bounce
✓ Suitable for year-round outdoor use
✓ Eight times sewn triangular eyes for safety and durability

BERG Favorit Inground 330 + Safety Net Comfort

Fitness Trampoline
BodyMax 40” Mini Fitness Trampoline 101.5cm

✓ Lightweight and easy assembly
✓ Large 40 inch / 101.5cm diameter
✓ Rebounding offers workout and health benefits
✓ Suitable for home use training and rehabilitation
✓ 4 inches wider than most aerobic bouncer fitness trampolines
BodyMax 40” Mini Fitness Trampoline 101.5cm


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