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Transform your outdoor space into an entertaining playground where your whole family will be able to enjoy active time outdoors. With our extensive selection of trampolines, table tennis tables, boxing equipment, wall bars, playground equipment and teqball, pickleball, badminton and volleyball accessories you will find a solution that’s suitable for your space and interests.


At Fitshop you’ll find a wide selection of trampolines ranging from small fitness rebounders to large trampolines for your garden, both free-standing and inground garden trampolines. There's no easier way to combine exercise and fun than with a trampoline. Jumping on the trampoline is simply fun and attracts even those who don't like exercise outside in the summer. And the fun comes with great benefits - trampolining is a gentle, varied and effective sport. Exercising on a trampoline is a perfect way of losing weight and keeping fit. Additionally, it strengthens the skeletal system, improves oxygen circulation in your body, improves balance and posture and helps improve circulation of the lymphatic fluid. With the right trampoline, you can work out your whole body without feeling like you’re exercising at all.
Garden trampolines

Table tennis tables for outdoors


Whether you’re an amateur table tennis player or a professional player preparing for competition, we have the right table for you. In our offer, you’ll find everything from indoor and outdoor table tennis tables for any budget and skill level to various table tennis accessories including nets, bats and balls. Playing table tennis comes with many health benefits including improving reflexes and balance, mobilising the joints and improving hand-to-eye coordination. Except for providing a fun way of exercising, table tennis improves mental acuity and can boost your mood. Additionally, it’s a perfect way of adding extra activity to your daily routine while spending time with your loved ones. All you need to start your journey with table tennis is the right table, bats and balls. Discover high-quality table tennis equipment from renowned manufacturers including Butterfly, Cornilleau and Joola at Fitshop.


Improved heart rate, weight loss, stronger body, better balance, decreased stress and lower blood pressure - sounds convincing? These are just some of the many benefits of boxing. In our shop, you can find boxing equipment and accessories suitable for your fitness goals including a variety of boxing punch bags, boxing pads, boxing gloves, boxing protection and boxing accessories from popular brands such as Everlast, BodyMax, BBE, Reebok and Taurus. Whether you’re after a handing punch bag o a free-standing one, you will find the perfect solution for your workout space. Or maybe you prefer sparring with a partner and need gloves, pads and protective wear? Improve your endurance, boost your cardiovascular health and strengthen your body with the right boxing equipment that will keep you safe and comfortable.
Boxing pad

Wallbars with attachments


Wall bars, also known as a Swedish ladder or stall bar, are the perfect all-around piece of equipment that will help you strengthen your whole body, and improve coordination and mobility. Thanks to their compact design, they make the perfect choice not only for commercial gyms but also for more intimate workout spaces, like small fitness studios, home gyms and even bedrooms and living spaces. Their wooden design makes them blend into any home’s aesthetic. In our offer, you will find a variety of wall bar systems from NOHrD and BenchK with accessories that can transform your wall bars into a multi-functional workout station. Simply combine your wall bars with a pull-up bar, dip bar, a bench attachment or gymnastic accessories and your workouts will know no limits. In our wide selection, you can find both wall-mounted and drill-free wall bars, so you can choose a suitable solution for the designated space.


Turn your outdoor space into a hub of activity and joy and watch your kids thrive in the playful environment you’ve built for them. With options ranging from classic playsets for the little ones to engaging structures that can also entertain teens and adults, playground equipment is built to entertain, challenge, and keep the whole family active. From the thrill of swings and rings to the challenge of climbing setups, you can find a solution that will motivate you and your kids to stay active. Your children can develop through play - swinging helps develop gross motor skills and grip strength and improves balance while climbing helps children build confidence, build physical strength and teaches them problem-solving.
BERG Playbase

Teqball table


Teqball is a recently introduced sport, founded in 2014 in Hungary, with growing popularity that combines football with table tennis. Teqball matches are played on special curved tables. This sport is practised by athletes and amateur players looking to improve their technical skills, concentration, precision and stamina. Teqball games are played between either two individuals (singles) or two teams of two players (doubles). It’s a non-contact sport with a very low risk of impact injuries. Players on each side of the table are allowed three contacts with the ball before passing it to their opponents. Each set is played until a team or a player reaches 12 points and the game consists of best-of-three sets. Teqball is played with standard football balls (recommended size five).


This versatile paddle sport is taking the world by storm, offering a perfect combination of fun, exercise, and friendly competition. Browse our extensive pickleball equipment selection ranging from balls and paddles, through nets and court flooring to pickleball sets and starter packs. Pickleball is a popular racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It’s played on a smaller court with a lower net and it’s a perfect choice for people of all ages and skill levels. Playing pickleball will help you improve agility and flexibility, lower your blood pressure levels and strengthen your muscles.
Pickleball equipment

Volleyball set


Explore the countless advantages of badminton and volleyball, from fitness to fun! Those competitive sports are suitable for all players regardless of their skill level and they offer a variety of health benefits. Both sports will help you burn calories while having fun with your family and friends, improve hand-to-eye coordination and agility and develop coordination, balance and strength. Our badminton and volleyball sets have everything you need to start your journey with these entertaining sports.


BERG Favorit Inground 330 + Safety Net Comfort

✓ Safe and stable InGround design

✓ Large and thick protective edge

✓ Includes Safety Net Comfort

✓ Goldspring solo springs for optimal bounce

✓ Suitable for year-round outdoor use

✓ Eight times sewn triangular eyes for safety and durability

BERG Favorit Inground 330 + Safety Net Comfort

Tennis table
Joola J200A Outdoor Table Tennis Table

✓ Playback facility for solo play

✓ Eight lockable casters and 7cm rollers for flexible placement and stability

✓ A 6mm thick aluminium composite surface for outdoor play with weather resistance

✓ Table legs adapt to various terrains, providing a stable playing surface

✓ Double locking system and dual anti-tip device for worry-free gameplay

✓ Stylish and robust with a UV-coated, glare-free surface and powder-coated underside

Joola J200A Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Playground equipment
BERG PlayBase

✓ Versatile design allows endless play and exercise setups

✓ A simple, no-concrete anchoring system allows for an easy setup

✓ Patented pipe connections ensure stable, long-term use

✓ Durable, powder-coated steel frame for lasting use

✓ A variety of fun and fitness accessories that can be easily swapped

BERG PlayBase


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