As a multi-functional training device, a multi-gym offers a versatile workout to get your body in shape.

Whether you want to target arms, abs, legs or glutes - with a multi-gym you can train almost every muscle group. And as an additional perk, strength training makes you happy. If you regularly work up a sweat, you release happiness hormones along the way. The range of training options is as broad as adjustability options to customise your workout to your needs and requirements. Both beginners and experienced athletes can strengthen the most important muscle groups and train their bodies effectively and sustainably. If you’d like to know what you should consider when buying a multi-gym and what is important when working out at home read on.


✓ Safe
Most exercises on a multi-gym are guided, which makes it a perfectly safe choice even for beginners. The predetermined trajectory of the movement ensures the correct technique when performing the exercise, providing an excellent environment for practising the correct movement.

✓ Full-body training
Multi-gyms integrate several workout stations into one machine ensuring a wide variety of exercises for each major muscle group. They are perfect for full-body training on just one piece of equipment. Additionally, there are many multi-gym extensions available to purchase to expand the training possibilities of the machine.
Multi-gym, full body training
Multi-gym, adjustability
✓ Effective
Multi-gyms are very effective at helping you achieve your fitness goals whether it’s gaining muscle mass, toning your body, increasing your endurance or losing weight. The variety of exercises it offers enables you to adjust your training session to your individual goals.

✓ Adjustable
Many elements of a multi-gym can be conveniently adjusted so you can find the most comfortable position to execute the exercise with the correct form. The resistance of the machine (whether it’s a weight stack, hydraulic resistance, water resistance or a plate-loaded resistance system) can be easily adjusted to suit the exercise and the fitness level of its user.

✓ Easy to use
Multi-gyms are very easy to use thanks to the guided movements and often included on the machine exercise charts, that display the possible exercises. They are very straightforward forward which makes them a great choice even for beginners to strength training.

✓ Budget-friendly and compact
Multi-gyms are the equivalent of several individual training stations designed into one machine. Therefore, in comparison, they are much more affordable and require way less space. They usually need no more than 4 square metres of space.


Buying your own multi-gym for your personal fitness space at home offers unmatched flexibility for your training. Exercise at home regardless of the time of the day and save time on travel. Having a multi-gym at home can also save you money in the long term by eliminating gym membership costs and travelling expenses. With a multi-gym at home, you can create your own home gym for full-body workouts without taking up too much space. It will allow you to reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.


The variety of exercises on multi-functional strength station is impressive. Thanks to the numerous adjustment options, they are suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. On a fully equipped multi-gym you can train, for example:

✓ shoulders (upright row)
✓ chest muscles with (bench press)
✓ biceps (bicep curl)
✓ back on the (lat pull-down)
✓ leg muscles (leg press)

Multi-gym for home


Working out on a multi-gym is also suitable for rehabilitation or to prevent age-related problems such as low back pain. This is why doctors and physiotherapists often recommend it. Exercising on a multi-gym can also get the cardiovascular system going and optimise the supply of oxygen to the body. For wheelchair users, the machines also offer adjustment options for the benches, so you can strengthen important muscles such as the back, arms or abdomen muscles. A multi-gym can also be used to train for complex sports and their specific requirements. It’s a great way to improve your tennis or golf course skills. With the addition of a cable pulley station, you can work specifically on a better golf swing or a more effective tennis forehand.


Multi-gyms differ in terms of their range of functions, equipment included and built-in training stations. The range of multi-gyms starts from basic machines to fully equipped stations for more ambitious goals. Here are the aspects that are worth taking into consideration when choosing a multi-gym machine:

There are different resistance systems that ensure that the muscles are engaged during the workout. The types of resistance in a multi-gym include weight stack, hydraulic resistance, water resistance or a plate-loaded resistance system. Machines with a hydraulic or water system are generally lighter and quieter than those with a weight stack or plate-loaded system. You can quickly and easily switch between levels of resistance as needed using the plug-in systems. With plate-loaded systems, the weights are not built directly into the device; here the resistance is created by weight plates that can be placed freely onto specifically designated pins. This offers more flexibility but requires additional space for storing the weight plates. The resistance with an incorporated weight stack can be conveniently changed using a pin, which allows for quick and easy adjustments when switching between exercises.
Multi-gym, weight stack
Multi-gym, cable pulley
Cable pulleys are particularly important for a smooth movement sequence with low frictional resistance. The ropes should be made of steel and plastic-coated. Avoid nylon ropes, as these can cause the ropes to stretch, which as a result often leads to improper execution of the exercises. Make sure that the pulleys have ball bearings.
The quality of the upholstery and frame of the multi-gym is crucial for performing strength exercises properly and comfortably. High-quality padding ensures that exercises can be performed comfortably and ergonomically, which has a significant effect on the quality of training. Make sure that the upholstery is double-stitched and made of robust artificial leather. Back panels that are as thick and stable as possible are also a sign of good quality. The frame is crucial for stability. At best, it should be made of steel and be heavy to withstand both the user's weight and a workout with heavy weights.
Multi-gym, upholstery
Multi-gym, adjustability
A multi-gym offers varied strength training as its various modules can be customised and adjusted to the user’s needs. Important: The various adjustment mechanisms must be carefully crafted to prevent wear and tear, even with frequent use. The functionality of many multi-gyms can be extended with additional elements such as leg presses, cable pulleys, handles and cable pulley attachments to offer you a wide range of training options.


Multi-gyms combine many fitness machines such as a weight bench, lat pull-down and leg press into one machine that takes up a comparatively small amount of space. They generally take up no more than 4 square metres of space. Nevertheless, you should consider both the dimensions of the multi-gym and its planned location before purchasing. Multi-gyms have a standard height of approx. 2-2.20 metres. We recommend allowing a clearance of at least 20 cm between the top of the station and the ceiling. If you want to train towards the side of the station, we recommend that you allow for an additional movement radius of approx. 1.5 metres around the station.
Multi-gym, how much space does it need


It used to be a common belief that achieving a slim, defined figure can only be possible with long cardio training sessions. But muscles are an engine that constantly demands energy, so targeted strength exercises are the ideal complement to cardio workouts. Even when at rest, the body needs energy to supply the muscles. This is called the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Strength exercises significantly increase the RMR, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day even long after the training. The increased calorie consumption makes it much easier to lose weight.

Multi-gym, how to exercise


Correct exercise execution is important for a healthy workout on a multigym. Beginners in particular often tend to overestimate themselves or not perform the exercises correctly. The initial euphoria often gives way to the pain of sore muscles that last for days afterwards. It takes time and patience to get an untrained muscle into shape.

Most of the exercises on a multi-gym are guided. This means that the movement is predetermined. This prevents you from performing the exercise incorrectly. Free exercises, such as those on a weight bench, are different. Here, precise coordination of the movements is important. This requires more experience with strength training and handling heavy weights. We recommend that beginners first familiarise themselves with the guided exercises to create the basis for free weight training.

With multi-gyms that have an integrated active balance system, you can easily switch between free and guided exercises. The resistance should be finely adjustable so you can control the training more effectively. This allows you to improve your maximum strength gradually. You should also make sure that individual elements such as the pivot axis are optimally adapted to your body.


Multi-gyms offer a wide range of exercises targeting various muscle groups. All multi-gyms are different so the exact exercises that you can perform on them depend on the specific model, but here are some of the most popular multi-gym exercises:

✓ Lat pulldown
✓ Chest press
✓ Bicep curl
✓ Pec fly
✓ Low row
✓ Seated row
✓ Leg extension
✓ Tricep extension

Multi-gym, exercises


✕ No warm-up

One of the most common mistakes even before the first exercise: a cold start. Simple warm-up exercises such as stretching or light jogging take little time and will prepare your body for the stress to come.

✕ Incorrect breathing

Many people also underestimate the danger of incorrect breathing. Users often hold their breath when performing an exercise on a multi-gym. This can lead to increased blood pressure and many other strains on the body. Therefore, pay more attention to even breathing. Important: Breathe out during exercise, and breathe in during relaxation.

✕ No regeneration breaks

Sufficient regeneration between sessions is also important. Less effort can lead to more success. While the muscles are stimulated during exercise, they only grow during the regeneration phase. The period for optimal regeneration depends on the duration and intensity of the exercises performed. The following applies: as the exertion increases, so does the body's need for recovery. This also applies to the mind. Without sufficient breaks, fun and motivation can quickly be lost during a workout.


When purchasing a multi-gym, you should also take into account the flooring. The floor underneath your multi-gym machine should be specifically designated to suit the requirements of heavy-weight training. BodyMax Enduramax Black Rubber Gym Floor Tiles are the ideal choice providing high-impact and slip resistance. They protect both your equipment and your flooring as well as provide a comfortable surface for the user to exercise on. Finished with a proprietary polyurethane coating, they can be easily cleaned using conventional cleaning agents.
Flooring for multigyms
Triceps rope attachment for multigym
If your chosen multi-gym machine operates on a plate-loaded resistance, you should also purchase weight plates that are usually not included with the machine. BodyMax Olympic Rubber Radial Disc Weight Plates and BodyMax Hi-Impact Bumper Weight Plate make great additions for a multi-gym. Lastly, cable pulley attachments. They can extend the possibilities of your multi-gym even further, offering additional exercises. Some cable pulley attachments are usually included in the purchase with your multi-gym, others have to be purchased separately. Taurus Double Tricep Rope Cable Attachment, Taurus Rev. Seat Row/Chin Bar and Taurus 20 Inch Revolving Straight Bar Attachment are worth having when exercising on a multi-gym.


Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym
✓ Resistance of up to 110kg in total
✓ 19 Exercise Programs
✓ 1.25kg adjustable increments
✓ Hydraulic resistance system: less weight and more silent
✓ Little space required and easily relocated
✓ Enormous variety of exercises thanks to the easily adjustable pulley system
✓ Removable seat for exercises in standing position
Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym

Bodymax MG5 Multi gym
✓ Multi-gym incorporating chest press, leg curl, abdominal crunch, high and low pulley, and more!
✓ Built-in weight stack of 102 kg eliminates the need for weight plates
✓ Includes preacher curl, leg press plate, and fly arms as standard
✓ Compact design saves space for home gyms
✓ The adjustable back pad and fly arms allow for a customisable workout
BodyMax MG5 Multigym

Taurus WS7 Multi Gym Machine
✓ Diversified workout possibilities
✓ Enhanced grip options for precise training
✓ Extensive range of exercises for all muscle groups (shoulders, chest, back, legs, arms)
✓ Outstanding stability and safety features
✓ Durable construction for long-lasting use
✓ Includes a variety of accessories for a complete workout
Taurus WS7 Multigym


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