Table Tennis

Playing table tennis is not only a lot of fun - it also keeps you fit. It’s a fast sport that demands you to react quickly, move with great speed and be in total control of your body. Table tennis also promotes endurance, especially when it comes to longer games.


Table tennis can be a recreational game or a competitive sport. Because of its playful nature and its health-promoting effects, table tennis is popular with both youth and the elderly. Table tennis can be both a leisure activity and a competition and is an ideal balance for a sedentary job.


Level of experience - if you’re a beginner or an amateur player playing table tennis recreationally for fun, you can opt for more budget-friendly beginner table tennis tables. However, if you’re looking for a table for a school, club, competitions, experienced players or just a safer option for kids, you should consider a more robust, stable ITTF-certified table with a thicker tabletop for a better and more even ball bounce.

Outdoor or indoor - consider where you are planning to place the table tennis table. If it’ll be in living room conditions only, where the temperature is steady and humidity low, an indoor table is the right choice for you. However, if you are planning to use the table in your garden, yard, garage, or rooms with fluctuating temperatures and high humidity or permanently leave it outdoors, an outdoor table tennis table is the better choice.
Outdoor table tennis table

Table tennis table with transportation wheels
Mobility - how comfortable a table tennis table can be moved depends on the number and diameter of the transport wheels. Table tennis tables with large, rubberized double wheels are the best choice.

Ball Bounce - the thicker the table tennis table and the more torsion-resistant the construction, the higher and more evenly the table tennis balls bounce.

Stability - a robust construction with solid feet and cross braces make a table tennis table stable. You should pay attention to the materials used, the thickness of the profile frame, and the size and materials used in transport wheels. A high level of stability improves the playing characteristics, makes the table tennis table more durable and increases safety when playing, especially for children.

Comfort - when evaluating comfort take into account the surface (preferably an unreflective table tennis table surface) and the possibility of solo training (so-called playback position). Integrated bats and ball holders additionally increase the comfort level when using a table tennis table.

Tabletop thickness - the thickness of the tabletop usually varies between 19 and 25 mm. The lower-thickness tabletops are more affordable and are suitable for people playing for fun with family and friends. The thicker tabletop offers better ball bounce and makes the table more durable. The competition standard is 25mm.

Table tennis table bat and ball holders


✓ Improves reflexes
✓ Improves balance
✓ Burns calories
✓ Mobilises the joints
✓ Boosts your mood
✓ Improves hand-eye coordination
✓ Stimulates mental alertness
✓ Offers a fun way of exercising
✓ Improves mental acuity


All you really need is a table tennis table, bats and table tennis balls and the game can begin. We offer the highest quality sports equipment from established table tennis manufacturers such as Butterfly, Cornilleau and Joola as well as other well-known manufacturers so that you can enjoy your tennis table equipment for as long as possible. As an accessory, we also recommend covers for outdoor table tennis tables to protect them from dust and dirt.
Table tennis table bats and balls

Table tennis table solo, playback


After the match, to save some space the table can be folded up using an intelligent folding mechanism. Various manufacturers have developed intelligent folding systems that are easy to use and guarantee maximum safety. Cornilleau's patented DSI folding system is one of the fastest and safest folding mechanisms for table tennis tables. Foldable table tennis tables mean that between games the area taken up by the table can be used for other purposes and the table can be easily stowed away during the winter season. A foldable table tennis table has another advantage: you can train solo on it. If your training partner isn't there you can fold up just one side of the table and create the perfect solo training environment.


A solid frame construction gives the table tennis table high stability. You can recognize a stable table tennis table by thick tubes in the frame and the ideally connected via cross struts legs. Wide feet also contribute significantly to stability. A stable base made of aluminium or steel has many advantages. On the one hand, it ensures that the table stands securely because the ground outside is often uneven and wobbly. Wide feet and cross braces between the legs on the player's side are very advantageous here. On the other hand, a stable base frame with a thick profile frame also improves the playing characteristics of the table. If the table tennis table is primarily intended for children, stability also plays a major role. Children like to support themselves on the edges or pull themselves up on the table, so you want to make sure it is as safe as possible to do so.
Table tennis table stability

Blue Table tennis table


Table tennis tables are available in a wide variety of colours, whether the tried and tested green, the relatively new colour variants in blue and grey or completely exotic colours. Which colour you choose when buying a table tennis table is purely a matter of taste - the colour does not affect the playing characteristics. Blue table tennis tables are currently used particularly frequently in international tournaments. They offer the best contrast to the ball.


The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF for short) sets the rules for competitive games as well as the standards regarding the size, height and surface quality of table tennis tables. Only table tennis tables that are ITTF-certified are permitted in official tournaments and competitions. Because of their stability and durability, they are the first choice for clubs, schools, leisure centres and public institutions as well as for competitions. ITTF-certified table tennis tables are also an interesting choice for experienced hobby players who value optimal playing characteristics and ideal ball-bouncing behaviour.

If you are a parent looking for a table tennis table for your child who plays in a club, you shouldn’t opt for a simple beginner's table, but rather a competition table that does justice to the child's performance. Choosing a professional table tennis table means that future competitive players can train on the right table from an early age.
Table tennis table ITTF ceftificate


If you’re planning to play outdoors when the weather is suitable, you should opt for an outdoor table tennis table. However, if you want to train indoors, in similar to competition conditions, an indoor table tennis table is the right choice for you.



Indoor table tennis tables offer optimal playing conditions thanks to their slightly bouncy wood. This is one of the reasons why the best ping pong tables are made for indoor use. Since the external influences on indoor table tennis tables are minimal, the environment for indoor table tennis is ideal.


The greatest advantage of an indoor table tennis table is without a doubt its better ball bounce behaviour and its excellent playing properties. With a stable base frame, the playing properties are even more optimized. With a slightly larger investment in a higher quality indoor table, you not only get a more stable table tennis table but also a much better ball bounce, similar to the professional environment. Your table tennis table will be of much higher quality workmanship and longer durability.
Indoor Table tennis table

Table tennis table ITTF ceftificate


Clubs can only purchase professional table tennis tables that have the ITTF approval (ITTF = International Table Tennis Federation). These tables are approved for tournaments and competitions and are also a suitable option for experienced players. In addition to their long durability, these tables have very stable wheels and a sturdy frame. Great ball bounce behaviour of the ITTF-approved table tennis tables is an absolute must for professional and experienced players.



With an outdoor table tennis table, you can equip your garden or leisure room, school yard, sports club or youth centre with leisure equipment that focuses on the communal sporting experience. Even beginners can easily get started in this popular recreational sport. Table tennis is not only fun but it also has all sorts of positive side effects. This healthy leisure activity promotes concentration and reaction skills and keeps your physical and mental health going - you do sport without noticing it. Your whole body is in motion - arms legs and back muscles are all trained.

Ourdoor Table tennis table


An outdoor table tennis table is optimized for playing outdoors in many ways. It is made of different materials than an indoor table tennis table, after all, it has to meet tougher requirements for many years. Outside, it is exposed to seasonal temperature fluctuations, precipitation and UV radiation. To be optimally protected from these external influences, the playing surface has to feature a weatherproof, light-resistant and unreflective coating. The outdoor table can be left outdoors all year round without any concerns and retains its good playing properties.

Good to know: an outdoor table tennis table is not only intended for the yard and garden but also the garage or basement - i.e. for all rooms that are not or not consistently heated and in which humidity can affect the table.

The outdoor table tennis tables are ergonomically designed for playing outside. In combination with the large transport wheels, the tables are very mobile and can be easily moved even on uneven surfaces such as gravel or lawn. To compensate for any unevenness in the surface, most tables integrate height-adjustable legs. Once the table has been set up at the desired location, it is secured using the brake. Practical extras include a holder for bats and balls as well as protected corners.


If you plan to keep the table tennis table permanently in one place, a table with permanent mounting is recommended. It offers maximum stability and a solid base frame that can be anchored in the ground for a secure stand. These tables are ideal to be set up in public spaces, schoolyards or campsites and are a cheap alternative to concrete slabs.

Tip for setting up the table tennis table: since playing with the light table tennis ball is sensitive to wind, the table should be set up in a place with as little wind as possible.

Anchored outdoor Table tennis table


In contrast to an indoor table, which should only be set up in living rooms, an outdoor table tennis table can be set up flexibly indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. This means you have a multifunctional table tennis table that can be used indoors during the cold season and easily rolled out into the garden when the weather is suitable. An outdoor table tennis table is the better choice if, for example, you have a house with a garden or you are looking for a table tennis table for your club. Thanks to the transport wheels, moving the table to another location is also very easy.

Outdoor Table tennis table


To be effectively protected from the weather, outdoor table tennis tables incorporate special tabletops. Two weather-resistant systems have been established for table tennis tables: the melamine resin tabletop and the aluminium composite tabletop.

Melamine resin tabletop: It consists of a very hard, shatterproof material, which, due to its composition alone, prevents moisture from getting into the tabletop. Melamine resin panels are extremely durable and also have the advantage of being dimensionally stable over many years despite temperature fluctuations. A thickness of just 5-7 mm ensures excellent playing properties, as the wood material itself has a very high density. The largest thickness available is 10mm.

Aluminium composite tabletop: Two different materials are combined here. The tabletop itself is made of fine particle tabletop; the frame and bottom are covered with a thin layer of aluminium and the playing surface has a weatherproof and UV-resistant coating. This makes the table airtight and waterproof. When choosing, pay attention to the thickness of the wooden tabletop: the thicker the tabletop, the more consistent the bounce behaviour. Tabletops from 19 mm are suitable for leisure and from 22 cm are excellent for ambitious players. Competition tables usually have a thickness of 25 mm.

Each manufacturer has specialized in one of these two systems: The outdoor table tennis tables from Joola are equipped with the aluminium composite system, but Sponeta and Cornilleau rely on the melamine resin plate.
Outdoor Table tennis table, metal net

Outdoor Table tennis table cover


Once the table tennis table is set up, you only need bats and balls - and the fun can begin! Table tennis bats made of plastic, which are weatherproof and extremely robust, are recommended for leisure games. With these bats, the match can get a little wilder without causing any damage. If the plastic bats are accidentally left outside overnight, it doesn't affect them - the material can withstand almost all weather conditions. Even the table tennis net on outdoor table tennis tables is weatherproof: it is made of synthetic fibres or metal. The net is attached to the table using a click-on system or screw-on system. If you want to protect the table from damp leaves, heavy precipitation and dirt overnight or when not in use for a long time, we recommend that you fold up the table tennis table after use and cover it with a table tennis table cover. A cover will ensure that you don't have to constantly clean the table before every match and the table will last for years.


Butterfly Easifold 19 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table Set

✓ Ideal for home and school use, providing a space-saving solution for limited storage

✓ 19mm playing surface with a good bounce and eight-wheel style system

✓ Protective, strong steel frame with magenta corner pieces

✓ Two separate halves fold for easy movement and storage; each half has four independent wheels and two wheel brakes

✓ Height adjusters on all four legs to ensure a level playing surface

✓ Conforms to and certificate issued for the Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1

Butterfly Easifold 19 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table Set

Cornilleau 540 Competition Rollaway Table Tennis Table

✓ Approved by the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for competition use

✓ SKILTOP® 22mm tabletop offers excellent bounce

✓ Features ITTF fixed posts that are permanently fixed to the table and will save you time each time you use its

✓ The height of the net can also be adjusted without affecting the tension of the net

✓ Meets ITTF W standards and can be used by wheelchair players

✓ The twin wheels (with a brake on each) allow for excellent mobility and the wheels will not mark any flooring

Cornilleau 540 Competition Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table

✓ Chosen for international match use, clubs, and sports centres

✓ A 25mm anti-skid playing top ensures a consistent and true bounce for the highest level of play

✓ Steel frame with magenta corner pieces and heavy-duty undercarriage

✓ Large 125mm wheels with wheel brakes on each half for safety

✓ Heavy-duty fold and wheel away system for economical storage

✓ Meets Paralympics requirements with a 400mm distance between the table end and the first leg
Butterfly Centrefold 25 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table


Sponeta Table Tennis Table S3-87E

✓ Shock- and moisture-resistant, non-glare coating

✓ Excellent ball rebound for quick play

✓ Easy foldability and manoeuvrability

✓ Smart manual system (SMS) for secure locking

✓ Sturdy base for active leisure

✓ Includes bat holder and net

Sponeta Table Tennis Table S3-87E

Butterfly Garden Rollaway 7000 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

✓ Ideal for parks, playgrounds, campsites, or gardens where a permanent table is required

✓ The 7mm melamine anti-glare playing surface ensures consistent bounce and playability, even in outdoor settings

✓ Protective galvanised steel frame with stable magenta matching corner pieces

✓ Strong, stable undercarriage with large 7" double wheels for easy transportation, even on rough surfaces

✓ Both halves fold into a central undercarriage for easy setup and movement, featuring height adjusters on all four legs for a level playing surface

✓ Double locking system for safety, double wheels for stability, playback facility, and designed for economical storage

Butterfly Garden Rollaway 7000 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Butterfly All Weather Outdoor Table Tennis Table

✓ Tailored for open spaces like parks, playgrounds, campsites, or gardens where a permanent table is required

✓ Constructed according to EN 14468-1 standards, ensuring top-notch quality and performance

✓ Designed with accessibility features to accommodate players with diverse mobility requirements

✓ Features a 9mm HPL playing top in an attractive grey colour for a superior playing experience

✓ Built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity in various outdoor conditions
Butterfly All Weather Outdoor Table Tennis Table


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