Air Rowers


Air rowers give users a realistic impression of what it's like to row on the water. The resistance produced is under the complete control of the user; the faster and harder you row, the more resistance is created and the harder the workout. Air rowers create resistance using a flywheel with an incorporated fan. When you pull the handle of the rower the flywheel starts to spin creating resistance.

The resistance of air rowers is not only controlled by the rowing style and technique - air rowers have adjustable resistance levels that can be changed with a lever that adjusts the angle of the fins in the fan.

One of the biggest pros of air rowers is no upper limit when it comes to resistance. Air rowing machine will give you a smooth (albeit noisy) workout and is one of the most popular rowing machines on the market. Brilliant for all kinds of workouts and boosting stamina, burning calories, toning muscles, and exercising the upper body.

Choose the perfect air rowing machine for you from a range of market-leading brand names in the industry including brands such as Concept2 and Taurus. At Fitshop we have an air rower to suit every client's needs and budget.

In our shop, we offer a wide selection of durable, hard-wearing and high-quality air rowers including Taurus Elite Rowing Machine, Concept2 RowErg and Taurus Row-X Air Rower.

Let’s get rowing!