Magnetic Rowers


A magnetic rower is the best equipment option if you're looking for a quiet workout in your own home gym. They take up little room, offer a quiet but comfortable ride, and are ideal to use in any home.

Similarly to air rowers, magnetic rowers operate on an integrated flywheel that is responsible for creating resistance. Magnetic rowers use strong magnets that can be adjusted to slow down the flywheel and control the intensity of the workout.

The adjustment of the resistance is very convenient as it can be set electronically from the user console. When the resistance settings are lower, the magnets are moved away from the flywheel and the strokes are lighter and less intense. As the resistance levels increase the magnets are moved closer to the flywheel creating heavier strokes and more intense workouts.

Magnetic resistance is smooth, quiet, steady and constant, it isn’t affected by your rowing technique. Many rowers nowadays utlise hybrid resistance, which is a combination of air and magnetic resistance.

One of the significant advantages of magnetic resistance is that magnetic rowers are very quiet and don’t create as much noise as other types of resistance. Thanks to the rower being lightweight and easily portable, when not in use, you can simply store it away or move it to another room. An excellent choice for those with limited space.

From gym newbies to experienced rowers, the magnetic rowing machine is accessible to all fitness levels. It causes very little stress on the body when in use and has many resistance levels to choose from.

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