Water Rowing Machines

Unlock the power of full-body workouts with WaterRower rowing machines – designed to deliver a smooth, natural rowing experience that engages every muscle.


Enjoy a smooth ride on the water rower thanks to natural water resistance. Water rowers closely mimic rowing on the water providing a natural and authentic feeling of rowing. They operate on the same type of resistance as outdoor rowing - the water.

The integrated belt-driven fan spins with each stroke generating resistance against the water in the water tank. The resistance in water rowers is fully controlled by the rowing style and technique of its user. The stronger and more dynamic the stroke is, the more resistance it will create. Thanks to that you can switch between low and high resistance instantly, which is a perfect feature for HIIT workouts.

Some models of the water rowers allow for additional control of the resistance. They integrate a lever that controls the angle of the fins in the water tank, so you can gain additional control of the resistance. Additionally, you can choose the amount of water in the tank, so if you’re a beginner you can start with a lower amount of water in the tank and gradually fill it up as you progress in your fitness journey.

Since the resistance of water rowers is mainly controlled by the rowing technique it can take some time to master the correct rowing technique. Rowing on a water rower may feel different if you’re used to other types of resistance, so take your time to learn how to get the most out of water resistance. It’s natural to want to row faster to get higher resistance, but in reality, it’s the strong, dynamic and steady strokes that create more resistance. The technique here is the most important.

Water rowers have an additional advantage - most of them are very aesthetic and can blend into your home’s decor thanks to their wooden design with an upright storage system. The sound they create while rowing resembles outdoor rowing with the water moving through the tank - it can be very soothing.

Water rower is a versatile fitness machine that can support many fitness goals. Users can burn calories, tone muscles, enhance endurance and much more with just one piece of equipment.

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Row your way to the fittest you have ever been today.