Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments help to create a varied and versatile strength training. By switching the grip position, you can transform strength training exercises you are used to into new challenges.

Then you know, which effect changing the grip position can have on the intensity of the exercise. Equip your multi-gym with new strength training handles and discover a completely new strength machine.

Change from wide to narrow grip or vice versa for doing lat pull. Use a rope as handle instead of a tight bar and see how strong the effects of the new load are on your muscles.

When progress of your workout gets smaller, this is a common sign for a strong adaption of muscles. It's in the nature of the human body to adapt to loads, therefore, you should always set new impulses to to keep your muscles on the run. Our range of handles includes types of triceps bars and lat pull bars, triceps ropes, curl bars , and many further types of strength training handles.