StairMaster is famous for its robust, high-intensity workout machines. Known for their stepmills and HIIT trainers, StairMaster equipment is built to push you harder and help you get fit. Their durable machines are perfect for both home use and gyms, helping you reach your fitness goals.
StairMaster - Category overview (4)
  • StairMaster

    Treadmills (2)

    Explore the StairMaster treadmills range, known for delivering intense workouts. The lineup features the HIITMill X and HIITMill, designed for serious fitness enthusiasts. These treadmills are perfect for high-intensity interval training, offering robust performance and durability.

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  • StairMaster

    Exercise Bikes (1)

    StairMaster exercise bikes offer high-intensity, durable cardio solutions. The lineup includes the StairMaster HIIT Airbike, which features dual-action wind resistance and advanced console tracking. Ideal for all fitness levels, these bikes deliver a full-body workout with unbeatable performance and comfort.

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  • StairMaster

    Rowing Machines (1)

    Discover StairMaster rowing machines, renowned for their innovative design and high-intensity interval training capabilities. Experience the StairMaster HIIT Rower, crafted for peak performance and efficiency. Ideal for all fitness levels, it promises a challenging and rewarding workout.

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  • StairMaster

    Steppers (8)

    Looking for top-quality steppers? Check out our StairMaster Steppers range, featuring the 4G Gauntlet StepMill, 8GX Gauntlet StepMill, HIITMill X, HIITMill, and FreeClimber 8FC. These models are designed for intense workouts, helping you achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Experience the best in step training with StairMaster’s reliable and innovative machines.

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Fitshop proudly offers StairMaster's top-notch fitness equipment. With a history of making strong and effective machines, StairMaster’s treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and steppers are ideal for everyone, from home users to professionals. Start your fitness journey with StairMaster and Fitshop today.