BodyMax 40kg 2.1m Olympic Shrug Trap Bar

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Key Features:
  • 180kg maximum bar capacity
  • Solid steel construction built to last
  • Knurled handles for quality grip even with sweaty hands
  • Olympic bar ends
  • Highest quality welds for strength and safety

Description: BodyMax 40kg 2.1m Olympic Shrug Trap Bar

The BodyMax 2.1m Olympic Shrug Trap Bar is highly vigorous piece of equipment with a large degree of longevity to suit your specific training needs for a very long time to come!

The BodyMax 2.1m Olympic Shrug Trap Bar can aid you in the completion of a variety of different compound exercises with a much larger degree of error permitted. The shrug bar when used in exercises such as the trap bar deadlift allows the user to perform the exercise with a much healthier back angle, ideal if you are a personal trainer training complete beginners on the fundamentals of deadlifting, allowing your client to perform the exercise with minimal weight and getting accommodated to the feel of the location of particular joint angles when correctly executing a compound exercise.

The bar can also be used for a wide variety of functional exercises such as the trap bar floor press, creating a great joint angle for users who may suffer from poor shoulder mobility due to the grip position the user can select over a standard barbell.

The stylish steel construction of the barbell is 2.1m in length from the tip of the Olympic sized bar construction located outside the hexagonal steel construction in the middle to the next bar-like structure. The maximum capacity of 450kg shows the structure can handle a large number of loads making this an ideal piece of gym equipment for a beginner right up to a professional competitor in sports such as weightlifting and rugby.

A key feature of the barbell is the knurled grip handles, perfect for exercises such as the trap bar deadlift, trap bar farmer’s walks and trap bar shrugs. The grip designed handles are especially good for these exercises in order to properly facilitate force transfer in the grip dominant exercises the user selects with their individual training programmes. The use of other intermediary equipment when aiding in grip on these exercises may result in a loss of force transfer which to the avid gym user may limit progression further!


BodyMax 2100mm Shrug Bar

Bar Length: 2100mm
Grip Diameter: 30mm
Sleeve Diameter: 49.5mm
Maximum Weight: 450kg

Specification: BodyMax 40kg 2.1m Olympic Shrug Trap Bar

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 15 reviews
Excellent bar
Superb quality, highly recommend

Excellent bar!
The quality is brilliant, would highly recommend

Amazing quality ! Definitely recommend, the service is also fantastic.

Shrug Bar
Would definitely recommend this bar for deadlifts /shrugs. I much prefer doing deadlifts with this bar as it takes the strain off of my lower back. It is huge and very heavy so make sure you have a place to store it.

Been looking for decent trap bar for some time now and this is a quality heavy duty bar that im really glad i bought. Considering most trap bars weigh in around 25kg this one is 45 kg unloaded and with that you can really feel how solid this feels in your hands compared to some of the cheaper bars that are out there, and in my opinion this is far superior in quality and strength overall. With heavy welds It feels like it will be able to be loaded up and be able to withstand years of hard use. Bear in mind that it is 7ft in length so it certainly takes up quite a bit of room if buying for home gym use. The width of the handles have a good thickness to them and with the aggressive knurling really adds to a solid grip when using with a bit of chalk. The sleeves are also have plenty of length for those who find conventional bars do not have enough room on them. If youre looking for a heavy duty trap bar and have the room for this, then buy it, you wont be dissapointed.

Wow what great bar solid as they come I use it in my garage gym good job my gym is big because it is a big heavy duty bar at 45kg and 7ft long. But a great bit of kit

Trap bar
I couldn't believe the price we paid for our trap bar! Such good value! We bought the larger option which is perfect for my partner. I'm only 5ft 4 which makes it slightly too big for me so I'll definitely be ordering the smaller one too!

Fantastic bit of kit. Really takes the stress off lower back when deadlifting. Be warned though, it is huge. At 2.1m and 45k I had fun transporting it to an upstairs gym.

Super experience
Powerhouse Fitness are incredible, ordered from Ireland and had my weights and bars in a few days.

Just Awesome!
Solid! Awesome for dead-lifts and farmers walks. Easier on the lower back and can go much heavier.