Gungnir of Norway

Taking their name from the mythic spear wielded by the Norse god Odin, Gungnir of Norway proudly crafts the finest quality gym equipment with care, eco-friendly materials, and precision production methods. Gungnir is the developer of SlideLock™ technology, the in-built collar system on all of their bars that removes the need for weight collars. Gungnir have put their bars through their paces, lifting cars, surviving 20,000 drop tests and withstanding 15,000kg of vertical pressure from a hydraulic press. In their words: “If, by some miracle, you manage to break the SlideLock, you'd be making history as the world's first.”
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Fitshop is proud to be a distributor of Gungnir’s SlideLock™ bars with lifetime warranties. Gungnir bars always hit perfectly and promise mythical workouts without ever needing weight collars again.