Founded in 1999 by David Weck, BOSU® (BOth Sides Utilised) has become a leading brand in the fitness industry. BOSU® are known for their flagship product the BOSU Balance Trainer which continues to be one of the most successful fitness products in the world.
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    BOSU® revolutionised the fitness industry with their balance trainers and are now a household name in homes and gyms across the world. Balance trainers provide excellent core stablisation exercises and help with balance and core strength. BOSU® balance trainers provide a stable platform on one side and a soft side on the other for variable core workouts, injury prevention and flexibility sessions.

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Fitshop is proud to be a supplier of BOSU® Balance Trainer. Fitshop strives to represent the highest quality fitness equipment in the industry and having BOSU®’s iconic products as part of our line is a testament to our commitment.