BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine

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Key Features:
  • Integrates a Smith machine, functional trainer, and power rack in one compact unit*
  • Smith machine is counterbalanced, supports 400kg, and offers 12 adjustable positions
  • Dual pulley system adjusts across 16 slots, supports up to 200kg, and features a 1:1 cable ratio
  • Includes J-hooks and spotter arms for safe solo weightlifting
  • Additional amenities include a multi-grip pull-up bar, storage options, and an exercise guide

Description: BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine


The BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine is a complete workout solution that combines a Smith machine, functional trainer, and power rack in one sleek unit. This versatile machine is perfect for anyone looking to maximise their workout in a space-saving design, ideal for home and commercial settings. It supports various exercises, from heavy lifting on the Smith machine to varied cable workouts and robust power rack sessions. With its attachments, storage options, and built-in safety features, the BodyMax CTX5 is ready to help you tackle your fitness goals, providing durability and functionality in one well-rounded package. 
BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine
BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine
BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine


The BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine is a compact powerhouse that integrates three essential pieces of gym equipment into one economical and space-efficient unit. Featuring a Smith machine known for its ability to facilitate vertical movements, this setup ensures stable and accurate lifts, promoting optimal form and enhancing safety for solo workouts. The functional trainer aspect of the CTX5 offers a vast array of exercises, capitalising on continuous tension to provide a more intense workout and superior results. The power rack is a timeless gym staple, favoured for its versatility in accommodating various exercises. With a pull-up bar and diverse other attachments, this machine extends its capabilities to include bodyweight exercises, further broadening the scope of potential workouts. 

Constructed from commercial-grade, heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welds, the CTX5 boasts robust durability. Its protective powder coating and rust resistance ensure longevity by guarding against scratches, dents, and general wear. Stability is further enhanced by anti-slip rubber feet that anchor the unit securely in place. Styled in BodyMax's signature red and black, the CTX5 is aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly integrates into any home gym or professional fitness environment. 


The Smith machine component of the BodyMax CTX5 is expertly designed to accommodate both novice and seasoned lifters with its 400kg-rated, beautifully counterbalanced barbell. This barbell features diamond-cut, machined knurling for a superior grip, enhancing safety and performance. It is compatible with Olympic-sized, 2-inch weight plates and includes spring collars to ensure the weights remain securely fastened during use. The adjustable height feature of the Smith machine, with its 12 different catch positions, makes it versatile enough to cater to various user preferences and workout types. The mechanism provides smooth and slick barbell movement, allowing for an optimal training experience by minimising friction and enhancing the precision of each lift. 


The functional trainer aspect of the BodyMax CTX5 features a dual pulley system adjustable across 16 different height positions, enhancing its versatility for a wide array of exercises. This component is built for durability and consistent performance, constructed with high-tensile cables rated to withstand up to 910kg and dual fibreglass reinforced pulleys. The design of the cable exercises aligns with the natural movement patterns of the body, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout. This continuous tension system keeps your muscles engaged throughout the entire range of motion of each exercise, which maximises the efficiency of your workout and amplifies results. 

The system is plate-loaded with a capacity of up to 200kg and features spring collars that secure the weights, ensuring stability during use. The 1:1 cable ratio translates to precise resistance training, as the weight you add is exactly the weight you lift, providing a direct and effective strength training experience. 


The BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine includes a robust power rack component, essential for free weight training. Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, this feature ensures high durability and stability for intensive workouts. The power rack has adjustable J-hooks and spotter arms, which can be positioned across any of the 16 available height settings. This adjustability allows for a customised setup tailored to various exercises, offering a versatile workout experience. The inclusion of spotter arms also enhances safety, enabling solo training sessions without the need for a partner, allowing you to safely push your limits during your fitness routine. 


The CTX5 includes a built-in pull-up station with various grip options, allowing for multiple exercises from wide grip to angled chin-ups. This station, equipped with rubber sleeves, offers a comfortable and secure grip and supports a substantial load with a 350kg capacity. A ring mount for suspension training further expands the exercise possibilities. 

Storage pegs and slots for organising weight plates and barbells are integrated into the frame, which helps keep the gym space neat and safe. This feature saves space and time during workouts. 

The CTX5 comes with several attachments that extend its functionality, including a rotational core trainer for engaging abdominal workouts, a barbell row attachment for strengthening the back, an ab crunch attachment for targeted core strengthening, a lat pulldown bar for upper body development, and a straight double-ended bar for diverse lifting exercises. A multi-grip dip station also enables users to perform dips that focus on strengthening the chest, shoulders, and triceps. 

To assist users in maximising their use of the equipment, the CTX5 features a workout chart that displays 18 different exercises, providing valuable guidance and inspiration for varied and effective training sessions. 


Smith machine, J-hooks, and spotter bars support up to 400kg 
Pull-up station supports up to 350kg 
Cable pulley system supports up to 200kg 
Weight plate holders can accommodate up to 80kg each
*Weight plates and a barbell depicted in the images are sold separately. 

Specification: BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine

199 kg
Maximum User Weight
150 kg
Dimensions Open
148x202x224 cm (LxWxH)
Max Weight Capacity (load + user weight)
215 kg
Cable ratio
1 : 1

Warranty conditions for BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty PartsLabour
Home 2 years-
Light Commercial 2 years2 years

Downloads: BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 22 reviews
Excellent piece of kit
I've had my CTX5 for three months now and have been giving it very regular use. It's an awesome piece of kit that opens up so many options! Building it was a pain in the bum but well worth it. Build quality is great and everything feels solid !!WARNING!! If you haven't got much height in the room you're building this in then make sure you add the smith machine counter weights earlier than the instructions advise otherwise you'll end up having to take a load of it apart again. Read through all the instructions before starting and you should be able to figure out what I mean.

Great quality, a lot of effort to build it though
Just finished up building the machine (days due to other commitments). Build quality is outstanding but there are times in the instructions which are not that clear in my opinion and honestly thank goodness for the photos here on powerhouse fitness. Odd occasions had to refer to the photos to actually get a better understanding as to certain parts that were fitted as the blown up breakdown of parts when fitting certain stages were unclear. Also ensure you also have plenty of ceiling space as there is one part when you have the whole frame up that you need to also insert later a weight for the cables similar to the weights on a pendulum traditional wooden wall clock. These weights aren't to heavy to insert but you definitely need more ceiling space because of the additional height plus the screw insert attached to the weight as well which the cable will attach to the to. In the end had to get someone to help me tilt the machine to get both weights inside the frame. But managed to get it done and really happy with the purchase and can't wait to use the machine. Honestly though, give yourself a couple of days at least if your doing this on your own.

bodymax ctx5
very impressed by my recently purchased bodymax ctx5, quality bit of kit, although was slightly damaged in transit, powerhouse fitness quickly responded and replaced all parts effected without a quibble, I would recommend to purchase equipment with this Company.

CTX5 2 months of use
Highly recommend the bodymax ctx5. Read the full review for a full picture. After some research, i went for Bodymax ctx5. There is no perfect machine so it comes down to having least inconviniences. Other machines had either not enough weight attached, or cables were in the way, or so many other bad design faults. I went in the shop next to Willesden Green tube station to check it out before buying online and i can say it is a very welcome advantage to see it in person, try it out etc. Chuck was great in the shop and on the phone. Same with the rest of the team. Now to the machine. There is only one thing i can complain about it. The weight holders have plastic caps and the paint on them started to wear already because of constant use of the weights. THey could`ve used metal caps like on the smith machine bar. The rest of the machine is perfect. Great strenght, very sturdy. placed on the barbell short holders 150kg and no issue. pulleys move well, no noticeble resistance. Smith machine is perfectly balanced. Easy to do chest press and any other excercise the machine can do. Totally recommend for a home gym. a bit pricey but it is a very good investment and you will get your moneys worth, especilly if like us, me and my wife use it. VERY IMPORTANT POINTS IF YOU BUY: 1.The cable row at the bottom middle is actyally 1:1, not 2:1 like the rest of the pulleys. I was told its 2:1 and used 200kg as i was using 110kg at the gym before, and couldn`t move it :)). SO yeah, that pulley is 2:1. 2. Buy heavy rubber mats to place the machine on. I bought 6 1sq metre from them, 4 you need for the machine and 2 i placed in front of it where i can do everything else. 3.When installing (and this should be in the manual) you will need more height then the machine measures. I was lucky that my garage was taller but i still strugled. THis is becaue, late in the asembly you need to put the smith machine counter weights in the frame in the back and they go down from the top so you need machine height+weight height. I think it`s best to put the weights in before you lift the frame up, but this is just my opinion and its not in the manual. Just saying you will need a lot of height. 4. Do not OVERTIGHTEN. it is said so many times and yes i did a bit on one side and it bent the frame a bit. not much but follow their instructions. 5. Make sure you use a suitable bench. if its too big or wide etc it wont fit. I was shown Bodymax PM121 Utility Bench in the shop for it and it is perfect fit, good for presses etc. 6. Delivery will be a pain! Luckly the driver was nice and explained. They lift it with a forklift in the depot, in the truck. When they come to your door they don`t have a forklift anymore. It is crazy big and heavy. and can`t be taken down. Me and the driver opened the box and moved the whole machine 1 piece at a time. it took about 45 minutes. This is a very bad delivery system and not fit for purpouse. THey are meant to leave it kerb side and they can`t do it lol. My driver was nice and not in a rush, good luck with other drivers. Customer service is great. Phone answered very fast, had 2 issues with my order and it took a bit of time to be resolved. Mostly because of transportation/supply. Can`t give 5 stars because of the delivery and the very slow delivery of defective parts.

I'm very happy with my purchase. Well built and looks great in my new home gym.

The best multifunction gym on the market
I honestly don’t think there is a better all in one machine for the price. I had to wait longer than expected for delivery but it was worth it. I was expecting 2 people to build however I managed to do this myself over 4 evenings and most of a full day. Take your time and study each instruction page carefully. Could’ve been easier if each part was numbered. Put counter weights in upright tubes for smith machine before putting it together as the ceiling may not be high enough. Recommend electric bolt tightener. Once built it’s very sturdy so you don’t have to bolt into ground. I’m amazed at how many exercises you can do with this machine. I also bought a few additional attachments like leg press attachment and a rope for the cable but other than that it’s perfect and will guide you on a bodybuilding journey for many years! Special thanks to Edinburgh team for helping me place the order :-)

Highly recommended
Can’t recommend this machine enough ! Makes training at home safer with the brake bars on the smith machine. Comes with a decent amount of attachments to aid training different muscle groups. Would allow a few evenings to put together though as a lot of nuts / bolts to do up ????. Would definitely buy again .

Amazing quality
Would recommend easy to set up

Ctx5 bodymax
Bought this as it looked really good for a good price, and it actually is really good, you need grease for good movement. Also do not attach the counter weights for the Smith machine bar, not needed. The Smith machine has such a smooth movement no grease is needed as its ball bearings, definitely worth the cash.

great quality and price, would highly recommend