BodyMax CF485+ Pulley Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Multiple isolation exercises to choose from
  • Compatible with standard or Olympic sized weight plates
  • Improve the already versatile CF485+ Rack

Description: BodyMax CF485+ Pulley Attachment

The BodyMax CF485+ Weight Disc Loading Pulley Attachment is a great addition to add to the Bodymax CF485+ Power Rack, add to the already large amount of exercises you can perform on the Power Rack with the addition of this pulley system.


This great attachment which is compatible with both standard 1” weight plates and Olympic sized weight plates provides you with the opportunity to perform a wide variety of isolation exercises to compliment exercises such as the Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press! Isolation exercises have several distinct advantages.

First of all, they allow a person to correct any muscle imbalances that may exist. With so many muscle groups in the body, it can be very difficult to work them evenly. Thankfully, most muscle imbalances are minor and can be corrected with a few sessions of isolation. Another quality of isolation exercises, is the fact that you can use a "rotation" approach to regulate the downtime between workouts.

Simply put, you are working to exhaust one muscle group, and then working another group while the first one is taking a break. Since isolation exercises concentrate all the exertion and fatigue in one place, this provides you with an opportunity to go to the gym the next day and focus on another muscle group without the fear of injury!


The BodyMax CF485+ Weight Disc Loading Pulley Attachment is also compatible with standard or Olympic sized weight plates, providing you with greater flexibility in terms of weight plates choice in order to suit your needs and compliment the existing equipment you may already have.


Exercise variance is more important than just physical benefits, it's also good for your brain. To escape boredom the mind needs variation in movement. Boredom results in loss of interest which results in less frequent or inexistent exercise. With the addition of this great pulley system you can add exercises such as lat pulldowns, cable resistance shrugs, lat pullovers, cable resistance bicep curls and many more!

Please Note: This item is only compatible with the CF485+ (Plus Series) Power Rack. It is not compatible with the CF475 nor the original CF485 Power Rack.

Specification: BodyMax CF485+ Pulley Attachment

10 kg
Maximum User Weight
100 kg

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Product Reviews

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Great addition for the CF485+ Power rack - which I bought it sooner
Bought this about a year after I purchased my power rack & I wish I bought it sooner. Really sturdy which I was quite surprised at, I thought with the chain being on the bottom pulley it would feel cheap but its not, its solid!. Been using mine for about 3 weeks now & would highly recommend it. Building it takes about an hour ish, instructions aren't the greatest but read them all first then change the order they tell you to build it in, (step 3 should be step 2 from memory - would suggest using a shifting spanner & ratchet to build this & the power rack too, its 100 times quicker). Size - it adds just under half a metre length wise onto your squat rack when you build it & add a 20KG Olympic weight plate to it. I have mine in my garage in a 3m x3m area & have enough space to do everything in it. I did read a comment somewhere else asking if the cables are in your way when you lift the barbell of the rack for squatting. I'm 6ft & the cables are near my face but not hitting off them.