95kg Weight Stack Attachment for CF484, CF680T, CF475 & CF660

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Key Features:
  • Cast iron weights
  • Safe and secure system
  • Robust hard-wearing construction
  • Easy and quick to use with selector pin

Description: 95kg Weight Stack Attachment for CF484, CF680T, CF475 & CF660

The BodyMax 95kg Weight Stack Attachment will make your workout sessions smoother and more efficient thank to a quick and convenient selector pin system. It’s compatible with BodyMax CF484/CF680T, CF475 and CF660.


One of the biggest perks of the weight stack system is its convenience. The weight of the resistance is changed with a quick and easy to use selector pin so you won’t waste any excess time during your workout managing the resistance.

That means you won’t have to stop your exercise to go around the machine and change the plates as you normally would with a plate loaded system. The resistance adjustment is also noiseless compared to loading heavy and loud cast iron weight plates.

The 95kg weight stack attachment is fully secured which makes it perfectly safe to use during your workouts. Additionally, all of your weight plates will be free to use with your barbell without the need of constantly changing their location.


This 95kg weight stack attachment is compatible with the machines listed below:

  • BodyMax CF484/CF680T Deluxe Full Linear Smiths System

  • BodyMax CF475 Heavy Power Rack

  • BodyMax CF660 Plate Loading Lat Pulldown / Low pulley


Strength workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently while improving your endurance. It will help you get leaner, stronger and increase your muscle mass.

Some of the other resistance training benefits include improved muscle tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing fat.

Strength training boosts energy levels, improves your mood and translates to more calories burned. It an excellent choice whether you fitness goal is weight loss or muscle gain.

Specification: 95kg Weight Stack Attachment for CF484, CF680T, CF475 & CF660

97 kg
Maximum User Weight
100 kg

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 26 reviews
Makes the CF660 even better
I’ve had the CF660 for a few years now, good quality bit of kit. The only downside was that, while using the plate loading method, lower weight wouldn’t allow the machine to work properly, so shoulder, bicep and tricep work is nearly impossible. Then I finally bought the weight stack, I know, I know, it’s almost the same price as the machine itself, but honestly, it is amazing. You can do so much more with the machine now, the lowest weight being 4.5kg and it works so smoothly. Really nicely made, easy to fit to the machine if you’re retrofitting it. Comes with neat stickers to apply to the stack as well for information on weights. The selector pin is great as well, very nicely made. My only gripe is that that denominations are in round numbers for lbs only, the kgs are in weird numbers like 27.2 etc…but that’s a minor thing. If you’ve got or are contemplating the CF660 or similar, trust me, pay the extra for the stack, you won’t regret it

Weight Stack
I bought the lat/low pully addon for my BodyMax CF485+ rack in october last year, it worked OK as a plate loader, but it was time-consuming and awkward to load, I bought the weigh stack addon about 3 months ago and it's a game-changer, not only is it more convenient and quicker to change weights, it's also a lot smoother, it's as smooth in use as any commercial gyms lat pulldown I've ever used. well worth the price.

Excellent service & equipment
Excellent service & equipment

5* Service, 5* Equipment
Commercial grade equipment for home gym price. Great bit of kit, assembled solo in a few hours, very easy to follow instructions. Fits great in my garage and is the cornerstone of any piece of gym equipment. Good quality materials and and a nice powder coat finish, looks amazing. Highly recommended!

Excellent compliment to the cage
Initially I didn’t think I needed the weight stack. I thought that swapping in and out normal weight for my cable would be fine, but I soon realised that it is annoying and time consuming. So, bought the stack and it was easy to install and SO much better. Simple to change weight and 95kg is a good amount of weight.

Great Quality and Fast Delivery
Product quality was great, came securely packed and distributed between 5 box's in total for easy transport! I used these with the Bodymax CF660 Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley and the results were perfect. Delivery was fast and the addition of labels for the weights were a appreciated addition.

Weight stack
Excellent Christmas present, enables more fitness options adding to existing cage

95kg weight stack attachment
This is just what my husband wanted. it’s great!

Great Accessory
Bought this for my CF485 rack. It’s easy to install and makes it much easier to get the full benefit of the high and low cables. The weight stack also takes up less space at the back of the rack than having 20kg plates on the plate loaded alternative so if space is an issue where you have the rack then I would recommend getting this.

95kg weight stack
Excellent add on for my power cage lat tower, very helpful staff and brilliant service.