Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym

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Key Features:
  • Combines chest press, high pulley, low pulley, leg press, leg developer, biceps pad, and shoulder press in one machine
  • Built-in weight stack eliminates the need for separate weight plates
  • Compact design ideal for home gym setups with a minimal footprint.
  • Adjustable backrest and curl pad for increased versatility and comfort
  • Includes free access to the Tunturi Training app, filled with guided workouts
  • App Connectivity: Tunturi Training

Description: Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym efficiently combines essential workout stations into a single, space-efficient unit. It features a connected weight stack that powers various exercises, including chest presses, leg presses, pulley workouts, and more, making it ideal for those looking to achieve comprehensive strength training at home. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym combines several essential pieces of strength training equipment into one compact unit. It features a weight stack connected to pulleys supporting exercises such as chest presses, lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and shoulder presses. This setup replaces multiple machines, saving you money, space, and the hassle of switching equipment during workouts. With a maximum load capacity of 150kg, it is ideal for beginner-to-intermediate users, offering a broad range of exercise options. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym comes with a built-in weight stack, so you don't need to buy your weight plates. This saves you time, money, and space, as there's no need to purchase, load, or store additional plates. The weight stack is easy to use and includes a pop-pin adjustment system for quick changes. It contains ten weights, each weighing seven kilogrammes, providing a total of 70kg. Each weight is clearly marked with Tunturi's signature green labelling for easy identification. Additionally, the gym comes with several useful attachments, such as a pull bar, lat bar, ab strap, and cloth handle. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym is perfect for home users who need to make the most out of limited space. It combines several gym machines into one compact unit, effectively using the minimal room. Measuring just 168cm x 114cm, it fits easily into smaller areas. Despite its broad range of features, the HG60 is very user-friendly, with a straightforward weight stack adjustment and an ergonomic design that enhances usability. This ensures that your exercise routine remains diverse and comprehensive even in the most space-constrained areas. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym is highly adaptable, offering a vast range of exercises thanks to its customisable features. You can adjust, flip, or remove the curl pad, making it easy to switch between bicep curls, lat pulldowns, and leg presses. The low pulley is flexible and can be used while standing, sitting, or on the bench as part of a leg workout. For added comfort and effectiveness, the back pad can be easily adjusted forward or backward with a simple pop-pin mechanism. The chest fly section also includes multi-grip handles, allowing for targeted muscle exercises and varying workout routines. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym comes with free access to the Tunturi Training app. This resource is packed with a wide range of training tools designed to keep your workouts motivating and engaging. Within the app, you'll discover thousands of exercise routines, detailed instructions, and comprehensive workout videos. It's regularly updated to bring fresh content that challenges and enhances your strength training regime. It is a versatile tool whether you prefer to train solo or with the Tunturi community. 
Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym


The HG60 Multi Gym features a sharp black-and-green colour scheme that fits well in any gym setting. The back pad is designed with durable stitched upholstery and reinforced corners to handle regular use. Additionally, the machine allows for personal cable attachments on its pulley system, offering users the ability to expand their range of exercises. This design combines good looks with practical functionality, enhancing any workout space while providing robust and versatile training options. 

App Connectivity

Tunturi Training

Tunturi Training

To make you feel better every day. That is Tunturi's motto. A motto that puts you, your health and your well-being first. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. That is why we are introducing the Tunturi Training app, the free mobile app for you to work on your fitness and health. Whenever you want, wherever you want.

Specification: Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym

160 kg
Maximum User Weight
150 kg
Dimensions Open
168x114x212 cm (LxWxH)
Weight stack weight
70 kg
Max Weight Capacity (load + user weight)
150 kg
Tunturi Training Tunturi Training
Android 5.0+, iOS 13+

Warranty conditions for Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym

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Manufacturer's warranty PartsFrame
Home 2 years2 years

Downloads: Tunturi HG60 Multi Gym

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews
Great all-rounder home gym
I'm not typically a review writer but my experience with this product has been great so far and since it has no other reviews yet i thought i should share my experience in case anyone is undecided on whether to purchase. This is a bit of a comprehensive review as there are quite a few different exercises it can be used for and a range of other things to think about with a large product with a lot of different features. If you're just looking for the quick verdict it is this- Great all-round home gym, offers a good range of exercises for the whole body, and has a surprisingly small footprint too. If you want to know a bit more about some of the specifics, then read on below. For a bit of context, i bought this to add to my shed 'gym' which previously was a couple of ancient dumbell sets and a bench i have had for 10+ years, and a second hand cross-trainer scrounged from Facebook sales (and not a lot of empty space left). I have a couple of historic shoulder and knee injuries which have always stopped me feeling like i was getting a good lower body workout using free weights, since my bad knee or shoulder would always start to give out before i felt like my legs were getting a really good workout. I was looking for something which could offer a few different lower body exercises and found this, which really appealed to me as it also offered a few upper-body exercises which i had always really enjoyed in my gym-going days. First-off, don't be put off by the low weight of the weight stack- only 70kgs but with the cable resistance factored in it definitely feels like it offers enough resistance for a beginner/ intermediate lifter. The resistances for the different features are all listed in the manual you can find online here: but to summarise, max weights are (in kg)- Leg press 181, chest press and low pulley 95, high pulley 86, pec fly 45 per arm. Delivery: Obviously it's a large delivery- kerbside drop-off only and it ships on a pallet so make sure somebody will be home on the delivery day. On the plus side it is actually packed in 5 separate boxes each of which is comfortably liftable and moveable individually so it's not too big of a task to break it down and move it in from the driveway/ kerb. Build- Approximately 1 full day with appropriate coffee breaks etc, instructions are pretty good by and large and it's not too fiddly or complex to build. You will need quite a bit of space to lay things out, and it doesn't ship with all the tools you'll need to build it so you will need a metric allen keys set and a couple of adjustable spanners or a spanner set to build it. for one section of the instructions the hardware in the box doesn't match what's in the manual which was a bit of a head-scratcher for 10 mins or so but not too bad to figure out (section D-08 the 2 pulleys going in to the holes in the main mast use bushings as opposed to the curved washers shown in the manual). Not too bad of a build overall. Also, it comes with an ankle cuff and a handle attachment which is a nice bonus. You may also want to grab a tricep rope or cable row handle attachment for a better range of motion on these exercises as opposed to the straight bar provided (both these bodymax attachments available at powerhouse fitness are excellent i would definitely recommend them). Quality: Feels solid and sturdy overall and build quality seems good. obviously a little less forgiving than the machines you'd find in a commercial gym , but if anything this helps keep me honest with my form and range of motion. feels like it will last a long while provided it's being used appropriately. The exercises: In the name of science, i've tried using it for all of the exercises shown. It is definitely suitable for all of them, but better for some than others so i have given it a grade A-C for each exercise. If there's a couple of really important exercises you're thinking about using it for, my verdict on how good this is for each of them is below. A (as close to the 'real' gym experience as you can expect to get from a home multi-gym): Leg press, chest press, lat pulldown, cable row, tricep pulldown, leg extension. B (slight downgrade but still very good for this exercise once you figure out the best way to execute the motion or the most comfortable position for it): Chest fly, bicep curls, shoulder raise, hip extension/ back leg row. C (acceptable for doing this exercise, but either a little difficult to execute with good range of motion or a little uncomfortable): Curl pad biceps curl, cable crunch, leg curls. Conclusion: I've had this for about a month now and found it to be nothing but excellent so far. It offers a great range of exercises whilst taking up a very small amount of space all things considered. Well designed, good for lower and upper body exercises and i have had no issues with it whatsoever. I won't be getting rid of my dumbells just yet, but you could definitely create a comprehensive whole-body exercise routine using only this piece of kit. Would definitely recommend- 5 stars!