Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

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Key Features:
  • Vinyl coated kettlebells increase durability and impact absorption
  • Flat base prevents rolling around
  • Wide grip handle makes training simple
  • Easy to read weight markings

Description: Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

The Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebell range. Perfect for lunging, pressing, lifting, and more, these high-quality kettlebells will help you build muscle, improve core strength and stability, and enhance cardiovascular fitness.


The vinyl coating around the cast-iron base increase the durability of the kettlebells, minimising bumps, dents, and scratches. As well as protecting the kettlebells, and your floors, the vinyl coating absorbs shock when kettlebells are dropped down, and this both protects the structural integrity and minimises noise during workouts. You’ll be able to train hard, whenever you want, without worrying about disturbing others with loud bangs and scrapes thanks to the shock-and-noise-absorbing vinyl coating on these kettlebells. The inside is high-quality cast-iron, which will withstand the test of time and allow for intense workouts.


The kettlebells come with a built-in flat base, making it simple and easy to set them down, arrange them, and store them. As well as this, it ensures the kettlebells won’t roll around and get lost or cause accidents in your home gym. There’s flat sides on both the front and back, too, further stabilising the kettlebells, no matter which way you set them down.


Part of the attraction for kettlebell training is the fact that the centre of gravity lies lower than the handle, which means the kettlebell is harder to control than, say, in barbell or dumbbell training, where you hold the weight in the middle. This off-centre weight distribution means that you build more muscle stability and weight control with kettlebell training. It’s therefore very important to have a good-quality handle with which to lift the weight. The Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebells feature a cast-iron, wide-grip handle, which makes lifting and moving the kettlebells safe, secure, and simple. The vinyl coating stops before the handle, so that the handle has the maximum amount of grip possible, keeping workouts efficient, productive, and safe.


A sleek, simple design makes the kettlebells eye-catching and very easy to read, even while in those hard sessions. Featuring a classic black and white colour scheme, with the Taurus orange accents for added flair, these will look perfect in any home gym or fitness studio. Crystal clear number markings allow the user to quickly and easily pick out the right kettlebell.

Specification: Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebells


Warranty conditions for Taurus Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

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Light Commercial 6 months
Commercial 6 months
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