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Key Features:
  • Slam balls ranging from 5kg to 20kg which offer functional training versatility*
  • Tyre tread design adds solid grip
  • Sand filled to stop balls bouncing and rolling
  • Designed to be thrown and slammed – durable and solid
  • Sleek black and orange design is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing

Description: Taurus Slam Balls

The Taurus Slam Ball range. Throw, slam, swing, and push yourself further with this range of tyre tread design, high-quality slam balls.


The Slam Balls come in weights from 5kg all the way to 20kg, accommodating a variety of exercise type and user ability. Slam balls are truly versatile pieces of functional training equipment, allowing users to throw, swing, rotate, and more in order to build up muscles all over their body. Slam ball exercises are particularly good at building core strength as well as targeting the back, legs, arms, and shoulders. The benefits of slam ball training extends further than just adding muscle and strength, with functional fitness key to improving cardio endurance too. 


A clever tyre tread design means the slam balls are especially grippy, keeping your workouts on track and efficient. The tread will allow you to keep focused on your training even as your hands get sweaty and the workout pushes you harder and harder. As well as improving grip in your hands, the tyre tread finish will add to the sturdiness and non-rolling makeup of the balls, even as you slam them onto the gym floor. 


Sand-filled and with the tyre tread design, the slam balls won’t roll away when you throw them down. This is very important for the types of slamming exercises typically performed with the balls, as users don’t want to have to go and retrieve balls while they work out. The efficiency of training is helped by the non-rolling design, as well as the tidiness and safety of the gym space. You won’t be at risk of tripping over slam balls that have rolled away, nor will you have to waste time finding them. 


The PVC surface is of a high quality, and has been manufactured with slamming exercises in mind. You’ll be able to throw these balls with all your might, time and time again, and you can rest assured that they can take the punishment. The slam balls’ diameters are as follows: 
5kg – 10kg: 22cm 
12kg – 20kg: 30cm 


The slam balls are uniformly black, with easily readable orange and white weight indication, resulting in a simple, sleek design which will fit in with any home gym or commercial fitness space. The weight indication is vibrant and eye-catching, making it easy to select your weight and keep your workouts running smoothly. The tyre tread adds further visual flair to the slam balls to complete a visually stunning, durable, and versatile piece of functional training equipment. 
* The Taurus Medicine/Slam Ball Rack is sold separately.

Specification: Taurus Slam Balls


Warranty conditions for Taurus Slam Balls

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Commercial 6 months
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