Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System

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Key Features:
  • Integrates multiple strength training machines into one compact unit*
  • Features a smooth-operating Smith machine with 12 adjustable heights
  • Includes dual adjustable pulleys with 100kg weight stacks, expandable to 250kg
  • Equipped with multi-grip pull-up and adjustable dip stations
  • Comprehensive range of attachments and accessories for varied workouts

Description: Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System


The Taurus Complete Trainer is a multifunctional fitness system designed to cater to a wide range of strength training needs within a single, space-efficient unit. This premium piece of equipment combines the functionalities of a Smith machine, a dual pulley system, and a power rack, along with a diverse set of attachments and accessories to deliver a comprehensive home gym experience. 
Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System
Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System
Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System


The Complete Trainer stands out with its ability to replace multiple pieces of gym equipment, delivering unmatched versatility in one compact unit. It includes a Smith machine, designed for controlled barbell exercises, which enhances safety and precision in weightlifting. The dual adjustable pulleys extend this functionality, allowing for a wide range of cable machine exercises. Additionally, the power rack supports traditional barbell and free-weight training, accommodating a variety of classic strength-building routines. Further enhancing its utility, the trainer features various attachments and accessories. It includes a multi-grip pull-up station and adjustable dip handles, enabling focused workouts that can be customised to target specific muscle groups effectively. 


The Smith machine component of the Complete Trainer offers a smooth and stable way to engage in barbell training. It is equipped with guide rods and a robust frame that ensure the barbell moves along a fixed vertical path. This design improves the balance, safety, and focus on lifting, allowing users to concentrate fully on the exercise without the need to stabilise the weight themselves. This ensures consistent exercise form and effective muscle engagement. The machine features 12 adjustable height levels, providing extensive customisation for different workout routines and individual height requirements. Additionally, it includes height-adjustable spotter bars that can be set to catch the barbell at specific heights, enhancing safety during solo workouts and reducing the need for a spotter.


The dual adjustable pulleys on the Complete Trainer use tension-based weight loads, providing a wide range of exercise possibilities. This approach maintains resistance through the entire motion of a rep, ensuring muscles remain engaged continuously. The dual pulley system offers a broad selection of push and pull exercises, enhancing workout versatility. Featuring 18 height adjustment slots, the pulleys allow users to fine-tune their training by altering the height, giving them almost unlimited exercise options. The dual pulleys operate with a 2:1 cable ratio, meaning the effective weight felt by the user is half of the actual load, which helps in managing resistance more effectively. This machine includes two integrated 100kg weight stacks, which can be expanded with an additional weight module capable of holding up to 150kg of extra weight plates. The weight stacks are clearly marked and can be easily adjusted with a magnetic selector pin, ensuring user-friendly operation and safety. 


The power rack on the Complete Trainer is essentially a steel frame designed for free-weight barbell training. It offers a stable and sturdy platform where users can set down the barbell during exercises. This functionality supports a broad range of exercises, including squats and bench presses, which typically involve compound movements that target multiple muscle groups for a more comprehensive body workout. For added convenience and safety, the rack includes J-hooks and spotter arms, which can be adjusted across 12 different height positions. This allows users to perform their workouts safely without the need for a training partner


The Taurus Complete Trainer comes with a comprehensive set of additional attachments and accessories that expand workout options. It includes a multi-grip pull-up bar with five grip options, featuring a soft, comfortable foam sleeve on the widest grip for better comfort during workouts. Also, there is a suspension training hook for attaching resistance bands and suspension trainers, ensuring a variety of exercise options. For organisation and safety, integrated storage for barbells and weight plates keeps the gym space tidy. The included attachments and accessories with the Complete Trainer are:
■ Tricep rope
■ Lat pull bar
■ Seated row handle
■ Foot strap
■ Short bicep/tricep bar
■ Two bow handles
■ Loop for abdominal training
■ Leg press module
■ Dip station
■ J-hooks and spotter arms
■ Padded roll for ab and leg exercises
■ Jammer arms
■ Two long bars to connect cables to jammer arms
■ Tricep attachment and chains
* Weight plates and weight bench shown in the images are sold separately.

Specification: Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System

445 kg
Dimensions Open
147x188x219 cm (LxWxH)
Weight stack weight
200 kg
Cable ratio
1 : 2
Console - Cockpit
Tablet holder
Comfort and Security
Transport Wheels

Warranty conditions for Taurus Complete Trainer - Jammer Cable Rack System

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full Warranty
Home 2 years
Light Commercial 12 months

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