Unlock the Power of Air Resistance with the Taurus Elite Rower and Concept2 RowErg

The Taurus Elite Row and Concept2 RowErg are built to withstand intensive use. They offer top-tier performance with their self-powered, unlimited air resistance systems. Explore the key features of these two sturdy rowing machines to make an informed choice and find the perfect rower for your fitness journey.

Taurus rower Concept 2 rower
PRICE £899 22% off
£1149 (Tall legs)
£999 (Std legs)
Unlimited Air Resistance
Water Resistance System
Durable Construction
Nickel-plated chain
Machine weight 33.3kg 26kg(Std legs)
31kg(Tall legs)
Max user weight 150kg 135kg
Commercial Warranty
LCD Console
Training Programs
Bluetooth Connectivity
Smartphone/Tablet Holder
Wireless Heart Rate receiver
Adjustable Footrest
Seat Height 37cm 36cm(Std legs)
51cm(Tall legs)
Airflow Adjustment
Built-in Front Wheels
Divisible into two pieces
Floorspace Required 242x61cm 244x61cm
Easy to assemble
Free Delivery to UK

Benefits of Air Resistance

Both the Taurus Elite Row and Concept2 RowErg utilise air resistance systems, offering users unlimited resistance. This feature allows for high-intensity workouts and personalised difficulty levels, providing a dynamic and challenging rowing experience suitable for all fitness levels.

Choosing Your Air Rower

Both the Taurus Elite Row and Concept2 RowErg excel in performance and stand out as top-quality rowing machines. The Taurus Elite Row, however, offers a comparable, if not superior, rowing experience at a significantly lower price, making it an excellent choice for those seeking exceptional value without compromising performance.

Exploring Beyond Air Resistance

For users interested in a different rowing experience, check out our selection of water-resistance rowers . Diversify your options and find the ideal rowing machine that suits your preferences and fitness goals.