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BodyMax Pro V4 PU Dumbbells

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Key Features:
  • Built for longevity
  • Suitable for heavy commercial usage
  • Quality brushed steel straight grips
  • Oversized dumbbell ends

Description: BodyMax Pro V4 PU Dumbbells

The stunning BodyMax Pro V4 PU Dumbbells are a class apart. With quality brushed steel straight grips and oversized dumbbell ends, they are equally suitable for quality health and fitness clubs as well heavy duty gym environments, the dumbbells are built for durability!

For beginners or toning purposes a lighter V4 would be sufficient to target muscle groups and hit them with high intensity hight volume repetitions. For those more advanced or looking to gain larger amounts of muscle tissue, a heavier V4 would be more beneficial. Using lower repetitions but keeping the intensity of you're workout high.

In order to stimulate the maximum amount of muscle growth (Hypertrophy). Stress and exertion have to be applied to the bodies individual muscle groups.The ideal tool for doing this type of training, is the BodyMax Pro V4 Rubber Dumbbells.

You can create the ultimate free weight workout sessions and engage all of the body’s muscle groups with your BodyMax Pro V4 Rubber Dumbbell Sets. Free weights are ideal for working slow, controlled movements and to train your body’s stabilizing muscles that will benefit you in the everyday life. They are also incredibly versatile; your movements are not limited by anything - all you need is the weights and a few square feet of free space!

Dumbbells offer a wide variety of exercises targeting different body muscle groups. Including dumbbells in your workout will allow you to fully control the resistance and difficulty level of each exercise which you can adjust as you progress in your fitness journey. Here are some great dumbbell exercises to try that will help you achieve your fitness goals!

All V4 Dumbbells are compatible with all of our weight benches and dumbbell racks.

Specification: BodyMax Pro V4 PU Dumbbells


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SKU: GRP0150007
Super happy with my experience shopping here, the service and quality of the products is fantastic

SKU: GRP0150007
Superb !
Excellent value for money, could not recommend enough. Will definitely be shopping from here again

SKU: GRP0150007
Fantastic dumbbells
Would absolutely recommend, the quality is outstanding. The service was brilliant, helped me find what I was looking for and processed the delivery for me. Definitely a returning customer

SKU: GRP0150007
Brilliant dumbbells
The quality is brilliant and the service was great, made me feel clarified and at ease with my purchase, would recommend

SKU: GRP0150007
Brilliant quality! Definitely recommend

SKU: GRP0150007
Superb quality, would highly recommend!