BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley Attachment for CF475 Heavy Power Rack

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Key Features:
  • Compatible with CF475 Heavy Power Rack
  • Robust construction
  • Offers a wide variety of exercises
  • Compatible with 1” and 2” plates
  • Disc loading system

Description: BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley Attachment for CF475 Heavy Power Rack

The BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley is an excellent and robust attachment extending the potential of the CF475 Heavy Power Rack. Now you can create a full body strength workout within one fitness machine and improve your fitness level quickly and efficiently.


The plate loading system that comes with the BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley Attachment allows you to use your own plates to create resistance. That means you are in full control of the level of your workout and you can adjust it as you progress in your fitness journey. It’s a great heavy duty machine for home use that can be used with Standard 1" or Olympic 2" discs.


This high/low pulley systems attachment offers a wide variety of exercises for different muscle groups enabling you to create a full body workout. You can combine this with various cable attachments sold separately to extend the possibilities even more. Here are some of excellent exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals!

Upper body: barbell curl, single arm curl, lateral rise, Egyptian rise, single arm chest fly, tricep rope pushdown, single arm tricep pulldown, single arm shoulder press, single arm reverse chest fly, single-arm lat pulldown, wide-grip lat pulldown, behind-the-neck lat pulldown, v-bar pulldown, reverse close-grip lat pulldown.

Core: High cable crunch, One-arm press, One-arm row, Low cable crunch, Cable reverse crunch, One-arm cross crunch, Judo throw, High cable woodchop, Cable Russian twist, standing oblique crunch, crossover crunch, side-to-side twist, low to high woodchopper, mountain climber

Back: face pull, seated face pull, single arm lat pulldown, low position barbell row, reverse grip barbell row, single arm low row, split stance high anchor row, low row

Lower Body: deadlift, donkey kick, hip abduction, hip adduction, kneeling hip abduction, pull through, reverse lunge, side lunge, side step, squat pull

Please note: The BodyMax CF475 attachment is only compatible with 7ft weights bars (not 6ft bars). Suitable for Standard 1" or Olympic Discs.

Not suitable for CF485+ Heavy Power Rack, compatible with the CF475 Heavy Power Rack only.

Specification: BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley Attachment for CF475 Heavy Power Rack

22 kg
Maximum User Weight
180 kg

Warranty conditions for BodyMax CF475 Lat/Low Pulley Attachment for CF475 Heavy Power Rack

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews
Amazing addition to the power rack
Really versatile piece of equipment. As others have said the instructions are just two diagrams. It takes roughly 2-3 hours with 2 people to put together (without falling out).

CF475 lat pulley and weight stack
Lots to recommend - makes the rack rock solid, works as intended... a couple of issues though unfortunately. One practical - the pulley system is too close to the rear of the frame, not leaving enough room to unrack the bar for a squat with the low bar position without getting my face in the cables. The other is the instructions. I followed the instructions in order, bolted all the pulley wheels in place as instructed, then on the final page when you add the cables, I had to remove all the pulley wheels as the cable will not fit through with them in place! I'm happy with the ease of construction, the operation etc., but it is let down a bit by those two issues.

Rubbish instructions
Can’t wait to use this when we finally get it up. The instructions are extremely unhelpful and confusing, and not to mention vague. I called the Powerhouse number on the website and spoke to a member of staff who was only slightly more helpful that the instructions. It’s a lot of trial and error, even with a lot of experience putting flatpacks together.

Makes the CF475 EVEN sturdier
Really glad I bought this with the CF475 as it makes it even sturdier and allows for a massive range of exercises. It is not mentioned in the description but this also comes with 4 caribinas, a lat bar and an upright row bar. Would definitely recommend!

CF475 lat pulley attachment weight stack, bench and dip bars
After purchasing the power rack I went for the full works. Have to say that I am glad I did. There is enough weight for any of the exercises, be it arms or back. It was easy to put together and there is no fiddling around like some other equipment I have purchased. The dip bars are sturdy and easily hold my weight. It is virtually the complete gym. You wont find a better rack with these accessories.

Body max power cage
Excellent.very heavy duty.would have liked numbers on the holes but once u get used to it it's fine.the lat stack is also a good add on.would recommend.thanks powerhouse great price.

Great product

Lat pull down
The other reviews have said it all. It's a great addition to the Power Rack CF475. It does make the Rack more stable, I should of brought them both at the same time

Great service
Delivered on time. Good response to queries. Kit is smooth running and suits me well - I built it onto a DIY home gym rather than the proper rack system.