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Take The Next Step Of Your Fitness JRNY – 12 Months Free

Take The Next Step Of Your Fitness JRNY – 12 Months Free

Take your fitness JRNY to the next level with the all-round workout app, compatible with Bowflex and Schwinn fitness equipment!

The app will assess your fitness level and recommend workouts based on your abilities, available time, mood and most importantly the workout experiences you love best!

Mix it up on a daily basis or stick to the same routine, no matter what you choose the JRNY digital platform keeps you on the right path for long-term success with your health and fitness.


Well, much like other fitness apps that are available to download, it offers custom workout sessions, on-demand fitness classes, machine-based workouts, off-machine based workouts and the ability to stream your favourite TV shows or films from platforms such as Prime & Netflix (Individual subscriptions required).

Why not experience hundreds of whole-body floor workouts like yoga, pilates, and more along with on-demand strength classes made exclusively for your Bowflex SelectTech strength products, notably the dumbbells & barbell.

The app is compatible with Bowflex & Schwinn products, which are now available from us here at Powerhouse Fitness!


The first time you connect to the app, it will take you through a fitness assessment, which will allow the app to analyse your current fitness level and make recommendations for workouts that are best suited to you.

JRNY recommends fresh workouts every day based on your abilities and the features you like best, such as: cardio, bike, treadmill, Max Trainer, HIIT, whole body, yoga, pilates, strength and much more, both on and off products.

Finally, your JRNY workouts automatically adjust over time as you progress. The more you improve, the more your workouts adapt to keep you challenged. This removes the guesswork and creates a personalised fitness plan you can stick to for long-term success.


Not only can you keep yourself motivated and challenged but why not stream via Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ or explore over 50 virtual and stunning HD destinations at your own pace.

The ‘Explore the World’ section is user-friendly and extremely easy to use, with selections populated on the screen, which means less scrolling and more moving!

Maybe it’s music that you prefer? Well you can match your pace with ever-changing playlists across genres such as pop, hip-hop, country and more whilst you are constantly tracked on performance with achievements, PB’s and milestones celebrated!


To keep it simple and easy, a JRNY subscription will work with the following equipment:

Built-in touchscreen experience is available for: Bowflex C7 bike, and Treadmills 56, 25 and 18.

JRNY app for phone or tablet is available for: Bowflex Max Trainer M8 and M6 machine, and 326, 226 and 128. Pair your JRNY app to expand your fitness experience.

Your JRNY subscription if you purchase it through the App Store or Google Play becomes active as soon as you’ve completed your in-app purchase. However, your first 12 months is a free trial, thereafter a paying subscription is required. You can find more information about this here.

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