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National Fitness Day 2022

National Fitness Day 2022

As National Fitness Day fast approaches (21st of September), we have been busy helping highlight its importance and how people can benefit from fitness overall. Collaborating with local fitness trainer Leighann, the ITN team, and ukactive, we have created a short segment, promoting the benefits of fitness for their new program “Fitness for Everyone”.


Fitness for Everyone

Our 4-minute segment features clients from all different backgrounds and fitness levels taking part in a fitness boot camp in a nearby Glasgow park. Using our own BodyMax equipment, clients enjoyed the fresh air and feeling the positive benefits regular exercise can bring. Helping to promote the knowledge that anyone and everyone can love and take part in fitness.

Keep an eye out for the new programme “Fitness for Everyone”, which is airing this September. Learn all there is to know about the benefits of exercise and how it can truly be for everyone.


What is National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day is celebrated each year to encourage everyone to get active and take on some exercise. It’s a chance to voice how fitness can empower us and change our daily lives for the better.

There is no activity or sport discounted from what is considered “being active”. Everything from a quick walk around the park to a strenuous workout in the gym is included. The goal is to get the nation moving, and there is always something for everyone to take part in.


What are we doing for National Fitness Day?

This year, our team is planning weekly internal challenges that every employee can compete in as we approach the big day. Encouraging everyone who wishes to take part to have a good time and have some fun.

The challenges will include three different styles of exercise; strength, endurance, and cardio. Providing everyone the opportunity to get involved, showcase their strengths, and get a good workout.

We hope to inspire you to start, continue, or even revamp your fitness journey. Fitness is for everybody, so let’s encourage everyone to get involved.

Stay tuned throughout our social channels to find out how our team gets on.



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