Every year, National Fitness Day highlights the benefits regular physical activity can have on not only your physical health, but also your mental health. This offers everyone a chance to express how fitness makes them feel, and encourages people to keep moving as a way to make a difference in our lives.

Being active doesn’t just mean going to the gym. It’s chasing after your kid in the park, cycling to the shops, weightlifting, taking your dog for a walk.. and much more.

Fitness is something that unites the nation, no matter each person’s capabilites.

Fitness Unites Us

For this year’s ukactive national fitness day, the theme is “Fitness Unites Us“. The goal is to bring people together, regardless of their capabilities, background, or goals. 

Fitness is for everybody, and you don’t have to be in peak condition to enjoy it or take part.

At Powerhouse Fitness, we aim to highlight this exact meaning this year and beyond. Fitness for everybody. The ITN team invited us to participate in their new programme “Fitness for Everyone” hosted by Louise Minchin, to support and promote NFD and beyond by showing what we are doing to encourage people to be active.

Fitness for Everyone

Streaming this week to celebrate National Fitness Day, our 4-minute segment encourages everyone to get fit. It features a visit to one of our stores and an organised bootcamp session with lovely local personal trainer, Leighann.

The Powerhouse Fitness team demonstrates how we can support you on your fitness journey. From supplying BodyMax fitness equipment to kit out your home gym or bootcamp class, to listening and suggesting the best solution for you and your needs at one of our stores. We are here to provide the best fitness equipment advice and solutions for everyone.

Discover everything there is to know about the advantages of exercise and the attitudes that people from all different backgrounds have towards it. Tune in to the new programme as of tomorrow!

Fitness for Everybody

Our ethos at Powerhouse Fitness is “fitness for everyone”. In line with ukactives overall goal, we encourage people of all shapes and sizes to get moving.

Fitness is not just for the physically fit; it’s also for busy parents, working grandparents, the disabled, and everyone else in between. To show that fitness is truly accessible to everyone, we included 32 different staff members and athletes in our new campaign “Fitness for Everybody”. People with various fitness levels and from different backgrounds executing the same lifts, showing exercise really is for all.

Everyone has their own reason why they like to work out, whatever way they do so. From running, cycling, weightlifting, rowing, and much more – there is always a reason why behind the hard graft.

Six of those 32 athletes participated in interviews with us to explore their definitions of fitness. There are many motivations for staying in top shape, including rehabilitation, being fit for their kids, managing their health, and even doing it for work. Everyone has a motivation, and not everyone has the same appearance.

Inspirational stories that will help motivate the nation on National Fitness Day and beyond.

Beginning on September 22nd, these interviews will be streamed on our social media platforms every Thursday for the following six weeks. Stay tuned and be inspired to find your why.

Join us, Powerhouse Fitness and get moving on National Fitness Day and beyond. 

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