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Bring the Court Home: Top Table Tennis, Pickleball, and Teqball Equipment

A couple enjoying a game of tennis together.

Bring the Court Home: Top Table Tennis, Pickleball, and Teqball Equipment

As the excitement of Wimbledon 2024 captures the world’s attention, it’s the perfect time to talk about the joy of sports and outdoor activities. While tennis reigns supreme in London, why not bring the same competitive spirit and fun to your own home or local community? In today’s article, Fitshop delves into the best equipment for table tennis, pickleball, and teqball that brings family and friends together for outdoor fun and unforgettable moments.

Table Tennis: Fun and Fitness in Every Rally

A person focused on a table tennis match.

Different Ways to Play

Table tennis is such a versatile game that offers various ways to keep things fresh and exciting every time you play. Whether it’s a one-on-one singles match, a dynamic doubles game, or a fun round robin in a circle, there’s always a new way to enjoy the sport.

In singles, it’s just you against your opponent, a perfect setup for honing your skills and testing your reflexes. It’s intense and personal, and every point feels like a mini victory. Doubles, on the other hand, is all about teamwork. You and your partner work together in a fast-paced game that’s great for socialising and building a connection. Then there’s the playful round robin style. Here, everyone forms a circle around the table, taking turns to hit the ball after each bounce. It’s a fantastic way to involve everyone and add a fun, relaxed twist to the game.

The Benefits of Table Tennis

It isn’t just about having fun; it’s also an incredible workout. Every rally helps improve your hand-eye coordination and sharpens your reflexes. Also, it’s a great way to get your heart pumping, making it a superb cardiovascular exercise. So, next time you pick up a bat, remember – you’re not just playing a game, you’re boosting your fitness in the most enjoyable way possible!

Our Products

Indoor Use

Looking to set up a playing area in your home or recreation room? Check out these options perfect for indoor environments:

Outdoor Use

For those who love playing outdoors, we offer weather-resistant tables that are perfect for enjoying the game all year round:

Clubs, Sports Centres, and Schools

Need tables for a more competitive or high-use environment? Consider these durable and high-quality options:


Complete your setup with the selection of sets, bats, balls, and protective covers to keep your equipment in top condition.

Pickleball: The Fast-Growing Sport

A player having fun with a game of pickleball.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a lively sport that mixes the best parts of badminton, tennis, and table tennis into one exciting game. It’s super easy to learn, so people of all ages and skill levels can jump right in, and its popularity is soaring. You play with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes on a court that’s smaller than a tennis court, which has quickly made it a favourite for many.

The Benefits of Pickleball

Pickleball isn’t just a blast to play; it also comes with some fantastic health perks. It can boost your cardiovascular health, enhance your agility, and provide a fantastic way to stay active. What’s more, it’s a great social activity that brings people together, fostering community spirit!

Our Products

Pickleball Sets

Getting started with pickleball? Our sets are perfect for all skill levels and come with everything you need:

Net Systems

Take your game anywhere with our easy-to-set-up, portable net systems. They’re durable and perfect for any location:

Court Flooring

Set up a fantastic pickleball court with these flooring options:


Find the perfect match for your playing style with a variety of paddles and balls.

Teqball: Innovative and Versatile

A group of people playing a lively game of Piqleball.

What is Teqball?

Teqball is an exciting sport that brings together elements of football and table tennis, all played on a curved table. It’s not just one game but a whole family of games that keeps things interesting and varied. Imagine playing table tennis, but instead of a regular table, you’re using a curved Teq table – that’s Teqpong. This version focuses on control and skill, using bats and balls similar to table tennis. Or picture a blend of volleyball and Teqball, where you use volleyball techniques to hit the ball over the curved table – that’s Teqvoly. Then there’s Piqleball, which merges pickleball and Teqball, using smaller paddles and the unique style of pickleball. Teqis mimics tennis, incorporating tennis-like strokes and strategies, while Qatch combines handball and Teqball, allowing you to use your hands to pass and score. Each variation offers a unique twist, making Teqball versatile and endlessly fun.

The Benefits of Teqball

Teqball provides a range of benefits beyond its football origins. It helps you improve skills like ball control, concentration, and coordination, which are useful in many sports. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just playing for fun, Teqball and its different versions – Teqpong, Teqvoly, Piqleball, Teqis, or Qatch – offer a fun way to stay active and get better at your game. So, grab a ball and hit the curved table – your skills and fitness will soar!

Our Teqball Products

  • Teqball TEQ Smart: The TEQ Smart is perfect for any setting. This high-tech table folds up easily, so you can use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Teqball TEQ One: For those who love a competitive edge, the TEQ One is your best bet. Built for serious play, this sturdy table is perfect for competitive matches.
  • Teqball TEQ Lite: Need something you can move around easily? The TEQ Lite is lightweight and portable but still delivers the quality and durability you expect from Teqball.

At Fitshop, we love helping people stay active and have fun with sports. Whether you want to set up a table tennis area at home, create a pickleball court, or dive into the world of teqball, we’ve got everything you need. Our products help you make the most of these activities, bringing the spirit of competition and camaraderie right into your garden.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll share some training tips for racket sports. In the meantime, check out our range of equipment and get ready to enjoy more active and fun-filled days.

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