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Getting Started: Your Home Fitness Journey

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Getting Started: Your Home Fitness Journey

Taking your fitness journey to the comfort of your own home? Working out at home can be just as effective as exercising at a gym. If you’re a newbie to the fitness scene, it’s not always easy to know what equipment will be most beneficial to you and your goals.

That’s where we can help. Deciding what products are right for you when it comes to your own personal home fitness journey can be difficult. There are many different types of fitness, from cardio to strength to flexibility, and more.

When buying your first set of equipment, versatility is one of the most important factors. Multi-purpose equipment will allow you to work out and hit your goals every time, regardless of what style of training you prefer. This helps to minimise the need to buy different weights and machines you just don’t have space for.


Home Fitness Equipment for Limited Spaces

There are many things to consider when investing in your own fitness equipment for home use when you don’t have an ample amount of space available.

This could include:

  • Storage availability: can you easily store the equipment?
  • Equipment versatility: can it be used across different exercises to work different parts of the body?
  • Goal suitability: will it help meet your desired goals?

To help you get started working out at home, we have compiled a guide of fitness products we recommend that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Fitness equipment that doesn’t take up much space, but can also be used across a wide range of fitness styles. Regardless of your goals, these equipment pieces will make it easier for you to achieve them.


Top 3 Home Fitness Equipment: Great for Home Workouts

1. The Kettlebell

Kettlebells are great versatile free weights that can be used across the board. Incorporate this into full-body workouts to work on your strength, coordination, endurance, and much more.

With the additional advantage of being flexible to a variety of exercises and assisting any exerciser in reaching their goals.

2. Compact cardio machine

Fold away cardio equipment that is designed for home workouts. Space-saving and budget-friendly to all users. Brilliant for allowing you to meet your goals and get your workout in at home, with the added value of being able to put it away with ease when not in use.Your selection is also not limited. Choose from folding treadmills, exercise bikes, and foldable rowing machines that meet all different budgets and requirements.

3. Exercise Mat

A small accessory that is almost overlooked when it comes to home fitness. Added comfort for any floor exercises such as burpees, sit-ups, and mountain climbers and a great tool for those following stretching sessions at home, such as yoga and pilates.


Check out our Home Fitness Starter Kit product guide, and build your very own home fitness package that best suits your needs, space, and budget.

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