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Benefits of Having a Workout Partner


Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Motivating yourself can be difficult, which is why having a workout partner or “gym buddy” can be so helpful.

Don’t get me wrong, working out on your own has advantages, and many people prefer it. The workout is likely to take less time, no one has to wait for you to finish, and you might enjoy being alone. However, it does not generate the same excitement or buzz as having that extra support by your side.

Choosing The Right Gym Buddy


People often have trouble finding the right gym partner. Many people dislike training with others because they train with people who don’t share their values or goals. When you are so focused on training, and your gym buddy bails out before every workout or doesn’t show up, there is nothing worse.

If you decide to work together with a friend, be sure the two of you are willing to commit, able to attend the same sessions, and supportive of one another. This is accountability at its finest.

So why work out with a partner? Here are our top six reasons why working out with a partner will only benefit you in the long run.


Top 6 Reasons to Have A Gym Buddy

  1. Accountability
  2. Progress Quicker
  3. Stay Motivated & Focused
  4. Share Knowledge
  5. More Enjoyable
  6. Less Daunting


Working out with a partner will provide you with someone who will hold you accountable for attending gym sessions. I’m not going tonight because I’m tired or can’t be bothered is far too easy to say when training solo.


Having a gym partner will provide you with the need to show up. Because you’re not just showing up for yourself, but also for them. It all of a sudden becomes the motivation behind your gym visits. You can’t let them down.

Progress Quicker

Having a workout partner is excellent for progression. You’ll have someone else watching over your workout sessions in addition to them encouraging you to work harder.

Whether it’s telling you to hit the 10s instead of the 8s, pushing you to complete one more rep, or simply offering you extra encouragement while you lift.

You’re much more likely to succeed if you have a workout partner. Giving you the extra assurance that comes with knowing you have a spotter when hitting or even attempting PBs.

progress track

Stay Motivated & Focused

A huge advantage of working out with a partner is that you can maintain your motivation and focus on your goals.

Losing track of the “gain train” and “falling off the bandwagon” are both very easy to do. However, with a gym buddy, your sessions are far more likely to stay consistent.

Even if the talk may veer off subject as you train, you always have that shoulder to lean on. To be picked back up and put back on track quickly, and with ease.

Share Industry Knowledge

Have you ever thought, “Am I doing this right…” when working out in the gym? We’ve all been there. 

Whether you are brand new to the gym or a seasoned pro, we’ve all come across an exercise we haven’t had a clue about at some point. This is when many people bail and avoid the exercise altogether. 

Group training

However, when training in pairs, you can talk and check amongst yourselves.

Check your form, check what exercise works best, and question, can you go heavier? You have your own personal google right there in front of you.

It’s More Enjoyable


Workouts will also be more enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with having fun, good conversation, and support whilst you work out.

Your workouts will be much more enjoyable, engaging, and creative with the correct workout friend than they ever would have been on your own. You get what you both put in.

Less Daunting

Last but not least, going to the gym with a friend makes it far less intimidating. It can be quite overwhelming when you first begin training and are unfamiliar with the surroundings and environment.

Starting off with a partner who is familiar with the environment or in the same shoes as you is a great way to start. It gives you more self-assurance and makes you feel more at ease as you are both in the same situation. A great confidence booster.

Getting Started

To get you and your gym partner started, why not try out the great partner workout detailed below? You are both guaranteed a great workout and can better your time every time you take part in it.

Equipment you may need includes;

You Go I Go

An excellent, challenging workout focused on time. How quickly can you and your partner perform each exercises set number of reps?

Depending on your ability and level of fitness, you can alter the number of reps as required.

partner workout

With the main objective of performing as many reps as specified below, you can complete the program in whatever order you like… Let us know about you get on!

  • 100 weighted lunges with a kettlebell or weight plate
  • 100 star jumps
  • 80 chest-to-floor burpees
  • 80 squatted ball throws
  • 60 weighted sit-ups
  • 60 press ups 
  • 50 calories on the air bike / ski-trainer / rowing machine

Good luck!

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