More than ever before, being able to replicate your strength workouts in the comfort of your own home is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Similar to working from home, training from home is quickly becoming the new “normal”.

Finishing a hard day’s work and heading straight to the gym can be difficult to do sometimes. Having access to your own home gym makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Powerhouse Fitness’ BodyMax Selectabell range is stylishly designed and also targeted at home users. Ensuring the product range offers adaptability, affordability, and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Let’s go over the selection of equipment available and show how you can build a home gym while simultaneously saving time, money, and space.

Selectabell Barbell

The BodyMax Selectabell Adjustable Barbell features a stand, two bar choices, and twelve various weight options with a maximum weight of 36kg.

Slide, lift, and choose. The adjustable barbell is simple to use and allows users to switch between weights quickly during each workout.

We are all aware that setting up a barbell can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the working out. Putting it down, taking off the spring collars, taking the weights off, finding more weights to load on, and then putting the collars back on.

The Selectabell Barbell removes that hassle for you, simply lift the pin, slide to your desired weight, select it, and get moving.

With 12 different weights to choose from and a maximum weight of 36kg, the Selectabell Barbell has an option for all users. With the extra advantage of choosing between two bars depending on your needs; the straight bar and the EZ bar.

Selectabell Dumbbell

The BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell works slightly differently and comes in various adjustable weights including; 22.5kg, 25kg, and 36kg. Available to buy as singles, pairs, and with a stand.

It’s just as easy to change between these weights on the dumbbell as it is on the barbell. Click, twist, lock, and lift.

Any lifting workout or functional circuit benefits greatly from the adjustable dumbbell. Letting you select from a range of weights for the various exercises you do.

Whilst also reducing the amount of space needed to store all of your different dumbbell weights. Allowing you to perform the same sets and reps as you would in the gym.

Selectabell Kettlebell

The Selectabell Kettlebell gives customers access to five different weights in one, eliminating the need to store five different kettlebells in your home or garage gym.

It has a modern space-saving design and, like the rest of the Selectabell line, is simple and quick to switch between weights. Just simply turn, select, and lift.

Compact, space-saving, and money-saving – what more could you want in home gym equipment?

Like the rest of the Selectabells, the design is on point and the exercises you can use the kettlebell for is endless!

Compact, space-saving and money-saving, what more could you possibly want?!

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Selectabell Workouts

The Selectabell range is fitness equipment that can make your home workouts fun, quicker, and easier.

So why not try out one of our three super sets made easier with selectabells? Remember to leave 60-90 seconds between each superset.


Dumbbell lat raise: 3 sets of 10-12 | Dumbbell overhead press: 3 sets of 10


Walking barbell lunge: 3 sets of 15 | Good mornings: 3 sets of 15


Kettlebell goblet squat: 3 set of 10 | Kettlbell figure of 8: 3 sets of 10

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