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Benefits of Barbell Training

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Benefits of Barbell Training

Strength training with a barbell offers a great way to work out your full body. You can easily carry out a full session with only just a barbell, some weights, and a couple of barbell collars. 

It’s a great piece of equipment used in many sports and gyms. So knowing how to use it in different movements with good form is always beneficial.

Coming in various shapes, sizes, and weights, they cater to a wide variety of exercises and users. From the Olympic barbell, the Olympic safety squat bar, the trap bar, the tricep bar, and many more. There is a barbell for almost every movement you can think of. 

However, the Olympic barbell is suitable for the majority of exercises in your routine.

BodyMax Olympic Competition Weightlifting Barbell - red

Benefits of Strength Training with a Barbell

There are so many benefits when it comes to strength training with a barbell. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can easily be used by the vast majority of gymgoers.

Benefits to highlight that strength training with a barbell can offer include;

  1. Versatility
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Adaptability
  4. Easy to store away
  5. The Barbell saves time, space, and money
BodyMax EZ Curl Bar - Adjusting weight

1. Barbells are Versatile

Barbells are brilliant for full-body workouts thanks to their versatility. They are not confined to one type of exercise or body part and can work into a wide variety of movements.

Helping save time setting up equipment and minimising the need to switch from machine to machine. A one-stop shop.

2. Simple and Easy To Use

Barbells are simple and easy to use. It won’t take long for beginners to develop a routine training with a barbell and learn basic lifts. They are a great tool for all levels of fitness.

3. Barbells are Adaptable

No matter the exercise or movement you are choosing to do, barbells allow every lifter to gradually increase or decrease their weight. Providing room for progression in all areas of lifting by simply adding weight when needed.

This makes lifting using a barbell more convenient when compared to using weighted machines. All you need with a barbell to progress throughout training is a barbell, weight plates (if required), and barbell collars (if required). In comparison, weight machines are usually catered toward specific muscle groups or movements and require you to move between machines (if and when they are available).

So barbells not only are adaptable, but they also save you time in the gym.

BodyMax Olympic Barbell and weight plates - Deadlift

4. Easy To Store Away

Barbells are brilliant for those with limited space in their own home gym or workout facility. They can be easily stored away when not in use either on a barbell rack, or cupboard and don’t take up much room on the gym floor.

However, we at Powerhouse Fitness will always recommend a storage rack for your barbell/s. This is to help keep the workout area clean, tidy, trip hazard free, and protect your equipment from getting damaged.

5. The Barbell Saves Time, Space, and Money

The barbell allows every user to carry out all their strength training necessities, meaning there is less of a need for other pieces of equipment. Simultaneously saving users time, space, and money.

Saving on time; there is less of a need for you to look for available pieces of equipment at the gym during each of your visits. Thanks to the barbell’s versatility, it can provide you with all the equipment you need to carry out a fun but effective strength workout.

Saving money; if you have invested in your own home gym or workout facility, you will know how expensive it can get, and fast. Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of the barbell, there will be less of a need to invest in various fitness machines and variations to carry out a similar workout that can be done with one barbell and weight plates. 

Saving space; the barbell can easily be stored away when not in use and can be used in a variety of different movements helping save space no matter where you are working out. 

If you choose to use barbells over larger strength machines, you will find you have a lot more space in your workout zone. Or if you are working out in a more confined space, you will find the barbell offers more adaptability, taking up less room, and saving you the space you might need for other activities in a home gym. 

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Favourite Barbell Exercises

There are so many movements you can do with a barbell, the list is truly endless. To save you the hassle of researching the best barbell exercises to do, or finding out the most popular, we have done this for you!

Below we have detailed some of the most popular barbell movements there are and muscle groups they focus on.

  1. Back Squat; Legs / Lower Body & Core
  2. Barbell Cleans; Fullbody
  3. Deadlift; Legs / Lower Body, Back & Core
  4. Overhead Press; Upper Body, Back & Core
  5. Bent Over Row; Back Focused
  6. Bench Press; Chest Muscles
  7. Hip Thrust; Glute Focused
  8. Weighted Lunge; Lower Body

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