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Build a Black Friday Gym for Under £500

Build a Black Friday Gym for Under £500

Mats or flooring? Weights or cardio? Machines or free-standing?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to building your own personal workout space, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying incorrect equipment. With our Biggest Ever Black Friday Sale in full swing, we have put together some of our most popular products, covering a variety of exercises so you can build your ideal home gym for under £500, taking advantage of our Black Friday offers!

Read our guide on how to build three home gyms that suit your goals, but be fast, our Black Friday deals won’t be around for long!


Cardio training is the best way to burn calories quickly, and who doesn’t love getting a sweat on?

The BodyMax R10 Rower is the quintessential budget rowing machine. With an on-board console that takes count of your rowing strokes, calories burned and workout time, not to mention the space-saving, folding design, this rower is a superb all-around home-use rowing machine, only £119.

Every home gym needs a good quality set of weights. The BodyMax 52kg Vinyl Barbell /Dumbbell Set is an ideal solution for anyone interested in engaging in serious weight-training as part of their program, whilst offering a space-saving and compact solution. Priced at just over £80 as part of our Black Friday Sale.

A bench is a must-have for any gym space, and their are endless options depending on what you’re looking for. The BodyMax CF302 Flat Bench is suitable for a range of exercises. Using dumbbells on a flat bench is a great way to safely and easily target a wide variety of muscles with exercises such as trunk rotations, side bends, forearm curls, biceps curls and triceps extensions.

This neat little bench comes complete with dumbbell storage underneath, keeping your weights off the floor and tucked away out of sight for only £59.99

Finish off your mini home gym with our best-selling BodyMax B2 Indoor Cycle. You will find the B2 in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of home gyms across the country!

Value for money (£199), design quality and performance make this bike stand out. It comes complete with a workout console to monitor your progress and can be easily assembled upon delivery. Find out more about the B2 here.

Mini Home Gym Total – £459.85


Strength training helps tone your muscles and add spectacular definition to your body, improve muscular endurance, promote healthy weight loss and assist with injury prevention.

Barbells are an extremely popular choice amongst our customers and fitness enthusiasts alike, offering far more versatility than fixed-weight machines. With the BodyMax Weight Set you get a 7ft Olympic Barbell, complete with collars and 100kg worth of tri-grip weights.

Priced at only £256.99 in our Black Friday Sale, the weight set can also be used with a Power or Squat Rack as you expand your space. BodyMax also offer 95kg and 145kg weight kit options, find the set that works best for you!

Squat Racks! The BodyMax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack is one of the best-valued home squat racks on the market! Priced at just over £200, get your squats, bench press, overhead press, shrugs and dips done with this adjustable piece of kit. Load up your barbell and start your workout, with added spotter catchers, rest assured you are safe if a rep doesn’t quite go your way.

No strength gym would be complete without dumbbells! The Taurus CPU Dumbbells are the perfect addition to your home gym and free weight training sessions. These dumbbells are sold individually meaning you can pick up a dumbbell from 2.5kg to 25kg. Combined with the two products above – you could add 7.5kg and be under £500!

Kettlebells are equally good to use in your space, depending on which exercises you prefer and how much versatility you’re looking for!

Strength Gym Total – £478


Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned athletes, the BodyMax CF360+ Power Tower offers plenty of variety when it comes to exercising. Tricep dips, pull-ups, hanging leg raises and more can be achieved giving you the equipment to work on everything from your biceps to your upper back muscles. Get started for only £119!

The BodyMax Selectabell is one of the most popular adjustable dumbbells on the market. At only £279 this 36kg 18-in-1 dumbbell gives you not only the flexibility to own a variety of weights with minimal spacing, but also the chance to enhance your home gym. Whether you’re new to exercise and looking to invest in your first piece of gym equipment, or a seasoned athlete wanting to add another weapon to your arsenal – this sleek and adaptable dumbbell is perfect to help you achieve your fitness goals.

A home essential, the Reebok Gym Ball is there to help target your core! The list of workout possibilities are endless – made from non-slip material with a dual-textured surface, the ball supports your workout with maximum grip. Only £14.99 for the 65cm ball.

Every home gym and fitness studio needs a high-quality set of kettlebells. Popular around the world for their ability to help strengthen and tone a wide variety of important muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings and core abdominals. We have chosen the BodyMax 4kg Kettlebell for this package but we sell from 2.5-20kg, starting at £6.49!

Last but not least, finish off your space with some functional bags!

A sandbag is a great piece of versatile kit to have in your arsenal. From £29.99 for the BodyMax Bags, you can work twice as many muscles in half the time using one of these. From lunges to deadlifts to shoulder press. There’s a wide range of opportunities to work out with a sandbag, they also take up very little space, so they’re perfect for a small apartment or a limited space home gym. We have chosen a 10kg bag for this package, but we also sell from 5kg-25kg.

Find out more about functional training here.

All Round Gym – £460

Our Black Friday Sale is our biggest yet! Shop the full SALE HERE, and don’t miss out on our Price Match Guarantee!

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