One of the nation’s best-loved exercise bikes for the best part of a decade now, the BodyMax B2 continues to thrive!

The bike took the fitness industry by storm and has continued to hold it’s place as one of the most common bikes you’ll find in people’s homes across the country.

Predominately used at home in the spare room / home-gym or garage, the B2 bike offers not only excellent value for money but all-round functionality for beginners to experienced cyclists.


Over the years the B2 has had a few different looks, the original Black & Yellow colourway – the most popular – meanwhile the Limited Edition White & Blue is long-gone. More recently BodyMax have introduced the new and sharp looking Black & Red colourway that will be rolled out across the bike and cardio range.

Chain-driven, the super-smooth 13kg flywheel maintains momentum and a quick release tension adjuster provides continuous tension. Fully adjustable, anybody can jump on and adjust the seat and handlebar position to suit their own cyling style. Fitted with a 3-piece crank, balanced pedals (including footstraps), LCD console and water-bottle holder, the B2 is simplistic but performance driven.


Well-respetced in his own right, runner, motivator and fitness guru Rey Smart had a go on the B2 last year, during the Lockdown whilst he was unable to run. Rey

Via his Instagram account, @besmartgetfit, Rey has posted different workouts, including with the use of Blazepods to enhance and offer variety to training rather than just cycling.

In his review of the B2, Rey said:

“The B2 is reasonably compact measuring 102 cm (length) x 50 cm (width) x 110 cm (height). It doesn’t take up too much room and the transport wheels on the front stabiliser allow it to be moved easily. The rubber feet at the bottom of the stabilisers which I feel minimise vibration.

The handlebars are comfortable and covered in rubber. The B2 is easy to wipe which is great because I don’t like sweaty gym equipment even if it is mine

The B2 comes with a plastic sports water bottle that securely fits into the a holder on the frame. It is easy to reach when cycling and I had no problems removing or replacing it in the holder. The holder can fit metal bottles too.

The 13kg flywheel is very smooth and the tension knob is placement makes it easy to adjust while cycling. The LCD monitor displays calories, duration, speed, RPM, calories and temperature. It can also be hooked up to a chest strap to provide heart rate data. It comes with a 12 month warranty. “


He was also impressed with the riding quality of the bike:

The B2 is a pleasure to ride as the seat is very cushioned, the riding position is comfortable and the ride is smooth. One thing that I noticed was the minimal vibration and noise generated by the bike.

I honestly was expecting the ride to be a little noisy and the bike a wobbly but it wasn’t. I have sprinted, intense spinning and even dancing on the bike and it hasn’t let me down. The B2 has not once rocked, made creaking noises or let me down.

The pedals comfortably fit even my wide trainers and the straps keep the feet secure preventing them from slipping out.

I ran a comparison test of the of the B2’s LCD monitor and two sports watches. I wore two sports watches (A & B) and setting them to indoor cycling mode. The LCD monitor measured the bike while the watches measured my heart rate.

Interestingly the LCD monitor read 10 calories higher than watch A and 40 calories higher than watch B. It should be noted that I feel that watch B generally under measures calories. The 10 calorie difference between the LCD Monitor and a watch measuring HR gives me confidence on the accuracy of the tech on the B2.”


The B2 has been reviewed many times over the years in various magazines / newspapers and online blogs, comparison sites and advice channels. This year was no different with various different online channels presenting the B2 as one of the Top 10 Home Exercise Bikes for 2021.

According to they said:

“The Bodymax B2 is a very good value for money budget class model, with an exclusive design for its class. The construction is stable despite its low machine weight, and the build quality is good in relation to the price tag. The maximum user weight is high and the guarantee period longer than average.


The exercise computer is very simple, but the fact that you get an exercise computer at all on a budget model is good. The saddle is more of an exercise bike type than spinning bike type and it would have to be raised it a little further to suit tall users better. Lastly, the flywheel is light for an indoor cycle but also normal for a budget model. The dynamics in the resistance system are equally perfectly acceptable.”

The B2 itself has had over 680, 5 star reviews across Amazon and our Powerhouse website, backing up the independent experts with satisfied customers the length and breadth of the country.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a robust, reliable and performance driven exercise bike for your home workouts at an affordable price, the B2 is an excellent option. More information across the full BodyMax B-Series Exercise Bikes, can be found here.

Our buying guides and home workout tips, can really help you decide which type of equipment you are looking for. Alternatively, if you are looking for more interactive cycling challenges, check out our Peloton Comparison Guide.

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