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Taurus Wellness Massage Chairs – Buying Guide

Taurus Wellness Massage Chairs – Buying Guide

This past year was intense and it left most of us tense, stressed, anxious and worried. Relaxation is key to keeping us healthy and in times when going to a spa is not really an option, we’ve got to be creative. Our new Taurus Wellness Massage Chairs have got your back… And neck, and shoulders, thighs and calves too!

So let’s take a closer look at the new Taurus Wellness massage chair range and dive deeper into the features and functions of the three massage chairs (M, L). It’s worth mentioning here that all three choices are top quality and each of them offers supreme relaxation and stress relief; however, each size comes with its features and functions so make sure you choose the one that suits you best.

Taurus Wellness Massage Chair Medium

I’m going to start with the smallest size (M) and most compact massage chair between the three. Size M offers a variety of functions, including 4 automatic and 4 manual massage programmes. The automatic programmes consist of pre-defined sequence of individual massage functions and lets you choose the body zone you want the massage function to focus on. Your options are: bottom, hips, general relaxation, spinal area.


With the manual programmes you’ll be deciding on the type, the zone and the intensity of your massage. Firstly, you choose one of the four massage types from: knead, pound, knead and pound or rub. Then, you select the zone of your massage from: lower body, upper body, spot massage and calves vibration. And lastly, you can specify the intensity of the massage choosing from three options – low (L1), medium (L2) and high (L3). The massage intensity settings provide the cradle-swing function that maximises the relaxation effect.


All sizes of Taurus Wellness Massage Chairs integrate a Zero-Gravity function which adjusts the backrest and the footrest to reclined position that relieves your spine, joints and muscles. This function ensures utmost comfort and relaxation during your massage session. All Taurus Massage Chairs are delivered pre-assembled and ready to use. Thanks to their in-built transport wheels, the massage chairs can also be easily moved to your chosen massage area.

Taurus Wellness Massage Chair Medium is operated by a convenient and easy to use remote control that visually represents the massage programmes and chair functions.


Dimensions: 97 x 60 x 97 cm (L x W x H)
Max. user weight: 120kg
Max. user height: 200cm

PROS (compared to other sizes)

  • compact
  • budget-friendly
  • cradle-swing programme

CONS (compared to other sizes)

  • limited functionality of the legs zone
  • lack of in-built speakers
  • smallest variety of massage programmes
  • lack of heat massage function


Taurus Wellness Massage Chair Large

Size L is slightly different in operation compared to the other sizes. Instead of the remote control, Size L incorporates an operating console, built into the right armrest. The console is very straight-forward so you definitely won’t waste much time learning how to control the functions of this massage chair.

The operating console lets you choose the massage technique from: knead, pound, dual, roll, pressure and junetsu. And then, specify the massage zone choosing from: neck, upper and lower back area, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves.

Aside from the standard programmes, this massage chair offers four additional functions. First of them – Heat Treatment – warms up your lower back area to maximise muscle relaxation. Air Pressure Massage provides an intense massage for your hips and calves which makes it perfect for runners for an after-workout muscle regeneration session. Zero-Gravity function (mentioned before in the M size chair) places the massage chair in a reclined position relieving the spine, joints and muscles. Lastly, 3D Massage utilises kneading technique that mimics real massage and gets to the point of tension (it almost feels like real hands are massaging you).

Comparing to the M size, you will notice that size L has an expanded lower leg zone, which makes it much more effective at calf massage.

Another fantastic upgrade from size M – bluetooth compatible loud speaker. I can’t really imagine anything more relaxing than getting a full body massage while listening to soft, unwinding music or playlist of nature sounds. And aside from the speakers, this massage chair comes with a USB charing port and an ergonomic device tray. Thanks to that, you won’t ever have to worry about your device running out of battery while you’re listening to your favourite music.

And to top it all off, there’s also a built-in lighting strip in the legs area that creates a relaxing environment for your massage.


Dimensions: 123 x 64 x 103.5 cm (L x W x H)
Max. user weight: 120kg
Max. user height: 200cm

PROS (compared to other sizes)

  • 3D Massage function
  • USB charing port with device tray
  • effective calf massage
  • bluetooth compatible loud speakers
  • lighting strip
  • great balance between price and functionality
  • straight-forward operating console

CONS (compared to other sizes)

  • less compact than size M
  • lack of foot massage (compared to size L)
  • limited functions on the operating console




There’s no doubt that each of the massage chairs will improve your wellbeing and help you relax after a hard day’s work or regenerate muscles after a workout. However, each of them offers different functionality and features so it’s crucial to understand your needs before making the decision. Maybe you enjoy a nice foot massage (option available only in XL size)? Or maybe you want your massage chair to play your favourite music while you’re relaxing?

In any case, full body relaxation is just one seat away from you – and believe me, you deserve it!


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