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Powerhouse Fitness: Website Redesign


Powerhouse Fitness: Website Redesign

Here at Powerhouse Fitness, we have been busy working on our brand-new website over the last few months. Several new and updated features have been added to enhance the customer experience and buying journey.


So, What’s New?

  • Introducing a brand new colour scheme for our navigation panel: making it easier on the eye for all customers
  • Recognisable icons have been added to our product categories: improving the customer buying journey and making it easier to identify the products you are looking for
  • The layout of our homepage has been changed: it is now much more user-friendly
  • and much more!

At Powerhouse Fitness, we aim to be at the forefront of home fitness in the UK and beyond. We are always looking for better ways to provide better service to our customers, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us anytime!


Powerhouse Fitness

  • Striving to consistently improve as a company
  • Striving to enhance your customer experience every time
  • Striving to help reach your fitness goals this Winter

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