WNBF Pro & Powerhouse Fitness Ambassador Gordie Adam gives you some top tips and cool workouts to try at home.

For any regular gym-goer the last couple of months have been challenging to say the least! However, there’s no better time to make use of equipment round your house and try out some new workouts!

There are loads of different exercises you can do at home using your own bodyweight. Like, putting on a backpack filled with books for weight training or using a filled washing basket for deadlifts!

By throwing in a couple of pieces of kit, like resistance bands and dumbbells you won’t be far from a home-made circuit to keep you going!

There are always ways to challenge and push yourself but let me give you a couple of top tips before you get going!


Firstly, chill out on the tempo of the exercises. Let your body perform each part of the exercise to get the full benefit! Squats for talking sakes have 4 parts; down, pause, stand and pause.

Fairly simple, right? But, if you want to push yourself, slow down the pace. This will help motivate you as you create more tension in the squat.

Control that decent and really drive yourself on the way back up! Squats can be gruelling but think of the rewards!

Secondly, try and focus on perfect form and mind muscle connection. We really want to focus on training the muscle(s) the exercise is designed for.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the clips on YouTube of the guy doing dumbbell rows like they are trying to start a chainsaw?! You want to avoid that!

Closing your eyes when your training can really help to maintain focus; thinking of that large Pinot Grigio when you’re finished perhaps! Seriously though, it will help target the muscle correctly and by focusing and visualizing that muscle you will make real progress!

So, bearing all that in mind, put the laptop to one side, get some tunes prepped and give a couple of these workouts a go!


Make sure you’ve got an interval timer app on your phone, it saves so much hassle with trying to count!

Click below to download my workouts straight to your phone / tablet. There are 3 workouts in total; Resistance Band, Full Body Dumbbell and Bodyweight Tabata Interval.

Times are difficult for everyone right now but think positively and use this extra time to make positive changes. Try to improve your fitness, improve your diet, drink more water and spend more time with the family. All the things you didn’t have time for when yourworking normally you now have time for so don’t waste it!

Stay strong. Stay Safe.


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