Looking to get fit but struggling to find the motivation?

Perhaps if a monitory reward was tied to getting in shape, it would be easier to find that desired motivation. Fortunately, there are intelligent apps that do just that!

Rewards range from money for reaching your goals, to supporting your favourite charity as a reward for your hard work and commitment. So, if your looking for a little extra push, then check out our list of the hottest apps that pay you to workout and lose weight.


DietBet is a social weight loss and management app that allows you to bet money on your own weight loss. Since the app launched back in 2013, over 600,000 people have played, and over $50,030,649 has been paid to winners!

So how does it work?

First thing to do is to choose who you would like to compete with. You can choose to join a game starting soon, or start your own game. DietBet lets players compete against friends, strangers or even celebrities, so if you’re competitive then this is the app for you!

Next, you will choose how much you are willing to bet on your weight loss – bets usually run in the range of $25 to $50. The app does cap the amount you can bet when you’re playing with strangers. However, if you are playing in a private game with friends, then there is no cap. The sky’s the limit! The money is then put into a pot, along with the other players bets. The more players, the larger the pot.

Once your game starts, you have one month to lose 4% of your body weight. If you lose the weight, you split the pot with the other winners who also managed to lose the required weight. If you don’t lose enough weight, you lose the money that you bet.

To find out more information, check out DietBet.


The Healthy Wage is similar to DietBet, with a couple of unique differences. While the concept is similar to DietBet, The Healthy Wage is more focused towards challenges between friends and family. They also encourage large public and private sector employers to reward health through challenges.

The challenges make for a fun way to motivate yourself and others to develop a healthy lifestyle. You can join up to ten challenges at any one time to try and win a large sum of cash. Plus, you can refer friends to the challenge and grow your winnings even more.

To find out more information, check out The Healthy Wage.


Pact is also similar to DietBet, it allows you to earn real cash for hitting your goals, paid for by the members who don’t hit theirs!

Pact has three different challenges, gym pact, veggie pact, and food logging pact. Gym pact challenges you to stay in shape by meeting certain goals; veggie pact challenges you to eat more veggies; and food logging pact challenges you to log your meals regularly. You can choose to commit to one of these pacts or if you are up for a serious challenge, you can commit to all three pacts.

Bets usually run in the range of $5 to $10 dollars. Once you reach your goal then you get paid a reward between 30 cents to $5 per week, so there is less risk with this app, but there is also less chance to win large sums of cash.


Walk for a Dog allows you to support local animal charities by walking your dog! Simply download the free app, register your dog/s, and track their walking activity. Plus you can share your walking activity on social media to encourage others to download the app, and help a dog along the way.

Even if you don’t own a dog, you can still use the app to support local shelter and rescue dogs. You can do this by selecting the “Walk for Cassie” option, or create your dream dog within the app.

How much the app donates is determined by the number of people actively walking for your selected animal charity, so don’t forget to tell your friends. The more people walking for the selected animal charity, the more Walk for a Dog donates. Donations are funded by sponsorship and advertising.

To find out more information, check out Walk for a Dog.


Charity Miles encourages you to keep fit while also making a positive impact on causes you are passionate about. You can earn Charity Miles anywhere, anytime-walking the dog, jogging, cycling etc. Your everyday exercise can help to earn money for charities around the world! There are over 40 charities that you can choose to support. So far members have earned over $2 million for charity.

Charity Miles works like a timer, simply press start at the beginning of your workout, and then press stop at the end to track your distance. Each activity earns a different donation, for example, cyclists earn 10 cents per mile where as walkers and runners can earn 25 cents per mile. At the end of each challenge term (usually a year), Charity Miles splits the sponsorship pool to their charity partners based on the proportion of miles done for each charity.

By using Charity Miles you’ll not only be helping yourself, you’ll also be helping others – which may inspire you to go that extra mile!

To find out more information, check out Charity Miles.


SweatCoin is an app that allows you to convert your steps into in-app currency – known as Sweatcoins. For every 1000 steps you take, you will earn one Sweatcoin. The app tracks how many steps you have taken each day using your phone’s GPS location. Once you have earned enough Sweatcoins, you can spend your Sweatcoins in the in-app shop or exchange them with friends and family.

To find out more information, check out Sweatcoin.


Well Coin is similar to Sweat Coin, however it does offer more variety. You can earn Wellcoins when perform a variety of different activities. Each activity is assigned a value based on how hard it is to do, how long it takes to complete, and it’s impact on your overall health. There are thousands of activities to choose from! Just like Sweatcoin, you can then redeem your coins in the in-app store.

To find out more information, check out Wellcoin.

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